The Best Android Game to Keep you Busy Anywhere

The Best Android Game to Keep you Busy Anywhere
The Best Android Game to Keep you Busy Anywhere

Best Android Game

In this world, almost more than 60% of people are every day looking for the best android games. Just Because of using advanced smartphones Nowadays without smartphones, no one is coming out for any activity, and even internal activities such as brushing, bathing are to be done along with those smartphones, which it has become an organ in our body. We use smartphones for different purposes, we use them for clicking photos, gathering information, chatting or calling a person over the phone, and also used to play the best android games. Here we are going to explore some online best android games that keep you busier anywhere. 

Shadow Fight

shado fight, best android game
shado fight

This is one of the most famous best android games published by Nekki, where you just need to fight your opponent and get level up. Different zones are created for more engaging and not to get bored of, where you are able to control your movements like kicks, punches, jumps, forward and backward as well. Also, you are able to use the weapons that are possible to equip as the best android game progresses to more levels, tougher opponents will be faced. 

Score Match

score match, best android game
score match

This is the best android game launched by the First Touch Games, where the total match duration is just 2 minutes, and the first team to score 2 goals sets to win the game. You are the primary operator where you can pass, tackle and assist the ball within the time limit, and moreover, you are also a part of the team having specific skills, abilities, and weaknesses. This best android game is an online game where you face different opponents all over the world, and the beauty is you can’t draw the match, where you have to win or lose. 


This is one of the most trended best android games in recent years where you will be the soldier playing solo or with a team accompanied by your friends, have to get depart in certain maps or regions and in that particular region you have to survive till the end of the best android game where the time gets done, and for that, you have to kill the opponents you are facing and to finish them, before they finish you. Pubg is the worldwide best android game that billions of people are supposed to play all over the world. 

Real Cricket

real cricket, best android game
real cricket

If you want more time in cricket, are interested in playing different formats of cricket, playing real cricket is the best option which is launched by the nautilus mobile, where the best android game has been launched for almost 10 long years. This best android game has a great fan base because of its design and the updates are given. In this best android game, you can choose a particular team and can play the league matches, knock out tournaments like World Cup, Blitz Tournament, and some quick tournaments as well. You can even simulate the game to fasten up the game, also several coins can be earned because of completing certain challenges and winning each match. 

Genshin Impact

genshen impact, best android game
Genshen impact

In androids, this is one of the recent hits where it is a story mode and the story starts with a player who is a traveler, traveling around all over the world along with his twin brother, and the game has started on searching for his lost brother. You are supposed to handle the player’s body movements and also handles certain power controlling any one of the seven natural elements where the player also needs to survive by hunting animals and gathering fruits where the stamina must be maintained and also the best android game has been progressed on along with the flow of the story. It was launched in the year 2021. 

The Room

the room, best android game
the room

This is one of the best time-buying best android games where if you get its cracked version you are lucky, whereas in official stores it costs quite a bit to play the game. This is entirely a puzzle-solving best android game, where inside a room there is a locker surrounded by plenty of locks and plenty of clues, where you have to find the corresponding clue for the lock and as each lock has been released the game has been progressed on and finally what is inside the locker is the actual end of the game. If you have a chance to play this best android game, don’t skip it. 

Criminal Case

criminal case, best android game
criminal case

This is one of the best adventure best android games, where you are the detective in finding a crime that has been committed in the game, where you have to collect the hidden objects in the game related to the crime and must find the main suspect of the game. These games have some limits were to investigate each and every place you need energy and that comes from time on keep waiting where the energy gets restored well. This best android game keeps you more engaged in maintaining the adventurous part well, and lots of streams have been launched on this concept. 


foot ball pes, best android game
foot ball pes

Another sporty best android game, where it keeps you engaged with football. Fans who love football will definitely love this best android game, and also for gamers this game is a special treat where the graphics are set to be ultimate, the design is epic and the gifts offered here create more curiosity towards the game where league matches, club matches, and tournaments are also available. Here you can even create a player of your own interest and add them to your team. 


These are some of the best android games suggestions that are available in android for free, in offline mode where you can get the best rate of engagement that gives a great time pass and moreover they too make you understand well about the game in-depth, as it converts millions of people to play the game and make more fun of it.


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