BGMI: 10 Best Drop Locations For Great Loot And Kills

BGMI drop locations to get more early kills

BGMI: 10 Best Drop locations for Great Loot and Kills

BattleGround Mobile India is shortly called BGMI where it is an online shooting game specially made for the country India. In this game, almost 100 players will play the game together and the concept is you have to stand till the last and be alive, which is simply to say as Last Man Standing. But killing the enemies makes it more fun and gets the game more engaged. The blue zone even slows its shrinking state when you are in a region with more enemies. In this article let us discuss such important areas that have more enemies to get early kills. 


This is the most common and most known place in PUBG and BGMI. The PUBG Mobile games which are designed by Tencent games are initially designed erangel map and here the pochinki is the place that is filled with more residences and lots of enemies will get resided over here, This is because here you will easily get weapons, ammos, magazines, first aid kits, energy drinks and even more and so lots of people will plan themselves to enter the region and to get on the Buggy and bikes to run towards the safe zone. So, landing in Pochiniki is one of the best options to go for. This is among one of the Best bgmi drop locations to get the highest kill in pubg mobile or BGMI.


If not pochinki then it is good to land in the area of Georgopol when you choose Erangel to land. Georgopol is the place for industries where you find numbers of containers here and not houses where it is one of the commonplace and a major city that needs to be noted down where you might see lots of enemies over there and it is the best area to handle snipers for a clear cut shot. In Short, Georgopol is one of the Best bgmi drop locations where you can find the Highest kill in Pubg Mobile or BGMI.

Military Camp

In places like Erangel, Military camps are the must-visit places to get equipped with the best armory, where it is an inspiring place on the 1950’s lab occupied by Russia for experiments. You find this camp in the extreme corner of the erangel and so the best place to battle with advanced guns and equipment here. Because of the best armory, This is one of the Best bgmi drop locations where you can find the Highest kill in Pubg Mobile or BGMI.

El Pozo

Miramar, it is a deserted area where it contains only sands and buildings and does not have many trees. In places like Miramar visiting El Pozo is the best place where it is a mixed-up place consisting of buildings and industries where it has plenty of loots on El Pozo. It is the most famous place in Miramar where it is packed with lots of buildings and so the real fun of battle will take place. So, landing in El Pozo is good to get early kills.  This is one of the Best bgmi drop locations where you can find the Highest kill in Pubg Mobile or BGMI.


Arriving at a place like Pecado in Miramar is also the best option, where it is not readied by homes and buildings but has tourist locations like Motel, Casino, Arena, and City. These are the important places that need to be visited in a place like this where you find more loot, weapons and by default, you would like to see more names for more kills, where Pecado is the hot spot in Miramar. 


Bashara is the most important place in Karakin where even Karakin is a small place and so, notifying the place like Bashara is more important. It is on the left side of the map where it has a high amount of resources like weapons, loots are available. So, to grab those things, of course lots of players will visit this place and if you were well aware of it you can get more shots, the best place for snipers as well. So, visiting this place initially is great to go.  

Bahr Sahir

This place in Karakin is best to get weapons and armory where this place is best to gather all these. So, to get equipped well most of the people visit this place as for sure and so if you reach this place prior before others, you get more kills easily before others get the chance. 

Boot Camp

In the places like Sanhok, which is a 6×6 covered area, Boot Camp is the best hot region that needs to get notified, which is the hottest spot and so it is a packed area consisting of lots of buildings and towers where you can find more loots, weapons and more enemies which is a hot area that has more battles in this place. It is a compact place in the entire Sanhok region that is different from other regions, which is not residential and the best industrial area. 


Quarry is one of the best places from the available places in Sanhok. In Sanhok if you wanna battle in an open ground, this is the best place to fight the battle, where it has fewer trees and a good place for close-combat battles. Snipers are also best to take charge but there is no place to hide even for them, and you get early kills very easily. 

Power Plant

The livik is the place that differs from PUBG mobile where this place has some important places, and in Power Plant, you can experience many loots, guns, and a number of people to get killed, This place has imaginary ractors, so that you can enjoy the medium combat range fights, equipped with more fights and get early kills as soon as possible. This quality makes this place so special than other maps. That’s why this is one of the Best bgmi drop locations where you can find the Highest kill in Pubg Mobile or BGMI.


These are the hotspots of BGMI where you can find more people and more equipment to get well equipped and gain more engagement to attain more finishes for the best engagement. 


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