BGMI Tournaments in 2022

BGMI Tournaments in 2022
Ultimate Guide for BGMI Tournaments in 2022

BattleGrounds Mobile India

 This BGMI tournament is the official online game, where it is exclusively played in India, and in this game, the layout has been prepared with 5 stages. In the first stage, the teams are collected and almost 1000+ games are shortlisted after the completion of shortlisting. The qualifiers have been done which is the second stage and the teams are intensively qualified with almost 64 teams. So, now it comes into the quarter-finals where in that stage 24 teams are selected, and after that comes the semi-finals as it is composed of 16 Teams to get qualified. Once the top 16 have been selected only one will be the winner in the Grand Finale. The prize money for the game is up to 1 million. 

BGMI Tournaments of 2022

BGMI is the game that is specially designed for India after the ban of PUBG in the year 2020. Where it is also been suited to say that is the Indian version of PUBG which is officially said as BattleGrounds Mobile India published by krafton. Since India is a country that is holding millions of youngsters in it, and they are the people who love to play this game every day. Certain Indian BGMI tournaments are conducted to expose their talent at their best level and bag some awards as well. In this article, let us discuss some important of BGMI tournaments that more people are waiting to experience in the year 2022. 

BGMI Tournaments in 2022
BGMI Tournaments

Loco War of Glory

This BGMI tournament known as Loco War of Glory is conducted in October. where the maps are planned as Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok. In the Loco War of Glory The Greatest BGMI tournament, almost 27 teams participated where they have been split into the team of three known as A, B, and C. Almost 9 teams are placed in a particular team and each of them will play matches under the round-robin method, Almost 99 matches are supposed to be played in the period of 3 weeks time where each team is supposed to play 66 matches over here.

After that, in the second week, 27 matches are supposed to be played in a period of one week where each team would play 18 matches, and for the second and third weeks 36 matches are played and 24 matches are played by each team. At last top, 18 teams are selected for the Grand Finale of Loco War of Glory. The team that has a high number of finishes is supposed to be the winner of Loco War of Glory and the total prize pool amount of the competition is 15 lakhs. 

One-Shot Showdown

This contest has been conducted in the month of November – December where the start of the game is the league matches, and after that, the qualifiers are taken on. 30 teams will be participating in the One-Shot Showdown campaign where almost 10 gets eliminated at the end, though it is a group stage certain point system is followed where the team that has more kills are supposed to get played and the top 20 is selected. Almost 30 lakhs of prize pool money has been enabled in the BGMI tournament where the top 20 are supposed to play a round-robin method. and here the team that gets the high number of WWCD, known as Winner Winner Chicken Dinner will get the higher prize amount and is considered to be the winner. 

Ranbhoomi Contest

Ranbhoomi Contest is a developing contest where it has been started in the month of October. The planned maps are erangel and Miramar. In the first qualifier of this BGMI Tournament almost 1000 teams will participate and in that 50 teams have been formed, calculating 20 in each and each team will get a chance to play with another team one more time. The top 2 teams will be selected here and likewise, for all the 50 teams the same procedure has been followed.

In qualifier 2 Ranbhoomi Contest, the 100 teams that are selected in qualifier 1 are been selected and they have been splitted into 5 groups like 20 per team, and in each group, the teams are supposed to play 2 matches and the top 8 teams are been qualified and advance to the group stages, where totally 40 teams are available. This 40 is splitted into 20 to the next level where they have been supposed to play 3 games per team and in that the top 7 teams are qualified. 20 teams are invited separately wherefrom that 20 and here 7, 27 teams are qualified for the semi-finals and from there the final is advanced with the top 18 from the overall standings where the winner is selected having the highest number of kills over there. This game has a total pool prize money of almost 10 lakhs. 

Conclusion of BGMI Tournaments

These are some of the upcoming BGMI tournaments and are the ones that PUBG players are waiting to participate in India to bag the medals, show their skills, and perform at their best.


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