How To Get Codashop BGMI uc in 2022

Codashop BGMI uc
How to get BGMI UC from Codashop in 2022

How to get codashop bgmi uc

Before we know how to get codashop bgmi uc Let’s understand what is BGMI. BGMI is known as the Indian version of PUBG which is abbreviated as BattleGround Mobile India where it was launched on the 18th of July 2021. BGMI is based on the Battle Royale genre where it is played as both single-player and multiplayer in which the simple concept of the game is to finish all the enemies apart from your teammates to get the “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”.

This is the most downloaded and the most engaging gem where millions of people in India get used to downloading this game, especially youngsters who are damn addicted to this game where they fell in love with the game plan, and the graphics done by the Kraton after the ban of PUBG Mobile in India. This game has its own currency known as UC In this article we are going to know how to get codashop bgmi uc Or how to get bgmi uc from BGMI.

Different Places in BGMI

This game is composed of 5 maps like Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, Livik, and Karkarin where each of the places is different from one another, having different themes of places, inspired versions of some real-life places, and having the buildings like these for better engagement and make the game to be more real to play. In places like erangel, it is an occupied military base where it is done with lots of chemical and biological experiments and it is the most common place to get enjoyed, and a place like Miramar is a clean desert place where you see only sands in the region, sanhok is the place that has lots of mountains and green trees over there. Livik is a place that has waterfalls, snow, greeneries, and deserts where all these places have different regions and it has a great engagement. 

When the game gets engaged more and more, BGMI has a high level of engagement, and krafton is designed with more features to get more equipment like skins, dresses, costumes, weapons, helmets, outfits, and even more to make the game with high class. To purchase more things we need more currency and for that currency, it is needed to go through the digital currencies. To make it more official there is a way to get the work done efficiently, as it has been done by engaging with codashops. 

Codashop BGMI uc
How to get BGMI UC from Codashop in 2022


Well, some of them know well about codashops and some may not. Codashop is an official platform that works with many online games like PUBG, BGMI, Free Fire, Minecraft, etc where you can buy any gaming products easily with the help of codashops, as it is the platform for those purchases. It is available in Play Stores and Apple Stores that are legally approved by the government for the enhancement of the games. 

To get the outfits, weapons, and many more things in BGMI via the game itself codashop is the easiest way where you have to pay the actual money for the particular game and you will get the door to open the options for more purchases. 

How to use Codashop?

  • Initially, into the play store, download the app called codashop which has a yellow-colored diamond logo along with the violet background. 
  • After downloading it, get into the options to select the country where you are from to get the games that are available in your country. 
  • Select BGMI on the website, and after that enter your user ID that avails in your game, and enter the required amount you needed for that, the required amount to be paid is notified, and after that, the payment is determined to get paid through UPI, online payments and through digital payments as well. 

How To Get Codashop BGMI uc

To gain the credits points through cash, it is necessary to get UC which is known as Unknown Cash. It is the premium currency of BGMI where only with Unknown Cash (UC) you are supposed to purchase cartes, outfits, gun skins, companions, accessories, treasures, vehicle skins, and even more. 

Buy these things by officially downloading the app for safer payment and get more engaged in the game with that special equipment for more fun and excitement. 


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