PUBG VS BGMI Difference that might surprise you!



Some games have many differences, some of them are similar and carry minute differences but that gives a quite great impact in the games where the players experience it while playing. In recent years, two games have become the sensation where both them are of the same kind but acquired many more audiences through the graphic designs, mode of the game, and even more specific features. Here we can notice the important differences between PUBG vs BGMI.

PUBG VS BGMI Difference


The publishers are different for both PUBG mobile and BGMI. Although they are produced by the same company, PUBG mobile has been published by Tencent Games and BGMI has been published by Krafton. Tencent Games is a china based game company where that works on several battle royale games like Honour of Kings, Arena of Valour, Call of Duty, and even more, exclusive games are done by Tencent games, where it has been launched in the year 2003.

Krafton is a Korean-based company that was recently launched in the year 2018, where it launched BGMI which is specially made only for Indians and not for other country people. So, here comes a major difference PUBG mobile is applicable for different people from different countries, and BGMI is applicable for only Indians, and that is why the logo of BGMI is made up of an Indian Flag design.


The reason why PUBG mobile has been banned in India is that it crosses several criteria provided by India. As it does not satisfy their concerns where it is not accepted by the Indian Defence, and it’s violated by the right to information act. To fulfill those factors PUBG again launched BGMI with some changes. The important change is the wording.

In PUBG mobile if an enemy got shooted or died, the count is described as “Kill”, whereas in BGMI the knockout has been counted as “Finishes”. which also satisfies the concerned acts as well.

Age Restrictions

This is another important factor that gives a great difference between PUBG vs BGMI. PUBG Mobile doesn’t have any age restrictions so even a 4-year-old kid can play this game. also, kids who are not aware of it can also play this game. But BGMI which is specially launched for India since the government felt that the kids are diverted more on this game and they lost their focus in their studies.

The government fixed that only people above 18 are supposed to play this game, and if in case you are a person under the age of 18, the game limit is up to just 3 hours that too needed parents guidance to play the game, and after that for more hours to play, it is needed to pay some money for it.


Outfits are changed adversely in both games. In the real PUBG mobile game launched by Tencent, players have a white-colored outfit at the start of the game, and after that various designed outfits are available, as the game progresses and he wins the game, designs of outfits are available.

These outfits make them best to engage in the game, wherein Krafton published BGMI has different outfits, where krafton had tie-ups with new designers sets of the team to get new set of dress to show the difference.

Shades of Blood in PUBG VS BGMI

There are various reasons that PUBG has been banned in India, and that one of the most important reasons is PUBG mobile has red blood. Where once the battle begins the war starts to bleed red in color, and the kids who are playing this game are attracted more to it. which leads them in a wrong way and that practices are not accepted by the Indian government, and for that BGMI has been designed in such a way that the blood is designed to be green in color, that doesn’t spread the violation much among the kids and youngsters who are supposed to play the game.

Language Options

In PUBG Mobile you can find multiple languages, where you can see different kinds of languages since the game is available in many countries, this option can be placed here according to the people’s convenience and for BGMI it is not much needed, since it is a game that is designed only for India apart from English, these options are not required much here.

Dropping Disclaimer

Since the gamers who love PUBG are well aware that this game has been banned due to violations and it doesn’t satisfy the Right to Information Act in India, BGMI doesn’t need to get involved in any of these factors, and so then there is the game will provide certain breaks and during the start of the game, there is a saying that “this is a simulation game set in a virtual world and does not represent real-life”. So, this one clearly depicts to you that it is a clear way of understanding showing a disclaimer.


Apart from these lots of factors are almost the same as PUBG mobile like the maps, locations, the introduction, weapons, vehicles, and even more. So, the gamers who loved this game will experience the same vibe and feel for the best experience.


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