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Have you ever played robin and police with your friends? During the time of ’80-the ’90s those games were really fun and we miss a lot of fun over the years. But now, to get the same vibe and fun as you got in those games, the American game studio named Innersloth has come up with an idea where you connect your friends who are in any part of the world to either robin or police. This game becomes sensational during the time of lockdown where the entire world has locked their homes and settled down. To prevent the mindset of each person, this game becomes a stress buster, and the real beauty is that among us no one had missed their fun even if they didn’t get a chance to meet.
The actual concept of Among us
The actual concept of Among us game is, In a spacecraft that goes around the galaxy it is composed of players probably 10 and more where in that gang 2-3 imposters are available who are the participants must be caught red-handed and must be thrown out of the spacecraft, whereas other participants are usually players who are assigned to perform some activities in the spacecraft. If in case a player had some doubt about the imposter while seeing the activity of that particular, the alarm can be raised to check with others with that particular activity, and moreover, each one goes their name and have specific colors, to say red, white, black, blue and so on.
After the discussion, if a person is upvoted more saying that he is the imposter whether he is of the same kind or not, that particular person will be thrown off from the spacecraft and after that, the actual truth will be revealed whether he is the Blacksheep or not. In between that discussion, the imposter must need to kill other teammates and he didn’t have the power to kill the same imposter. If the imposter kills as many participants then they are the winners and if the participants found out the imposters soon, they will be announced as the winners. This is how the game will runoff.
How To Install
It is very easy to install this game on either PC, Laptop, Mobile, and Chromebooks since these games are free to install and don’t charge any costs.

If you are an Android user, visit the play store and type the name “Among us”, where you will see the colored imposter poster and the details about the game owned by Innersloth which is the official among us game to get enjoyment. Meanwhile, for ios users visit your apple store to get downloaded the digital robin-police game.
PC & Leptop
The same concept has been carried over to PC and Laptops. In the initial days when the game was launched, it cost some money and many looked for a cracked version to enjoy their time with friends, but after understanding this the game is available free in both Microsoft stores and apple stores that your PC or Laptop contains.

Chromebooks are a recently launched device that is a mega-sized android application having capabilities similar to our smartphone, where that too requires play store installations.
Among Us, games were developed by the co-founder of the Innersloth name Marcus Bromander who gets inspired by a game called Mafia which he used to play during childhood days which is the exact same concept that has been implemented on the applications.
The first development was started in November 2017 by planning to create only one map named “Skeld”, where the entire team refused their other projects and focused on creating Skeld. Among Us are generally planned to launch on android and ios applications. Once they launched the game in June 2018 they probably caught 30-50 players on an average and they considered it as a huge flop.

After that, they tried to come up with some creatives and tie-up with a game publishing company called “Steam” which opens the gateway for Among Us, and alongside they launched their second map called “Mira HQ”, in August 2019, which is a tightly packed headquarters that fills equal space of Skeld and launching another room named “Polus” on November 12, 2019, that is a research center the game got its flavor which has been downloaded by most of the people in the world where it reaches millions of downloads after that becomes a grand success and entertained to the core.
The new map of Among Us named “Airship” was launched on March 21, 2021, and further updates are yet to be obtained from the team. The best part about this game is the discussion part which is not implemented initially. The game has been filled with more tasks and the team feels as if it gets bored soon, the father of this game Marcus Bromander gives the idea about the discussion that makes the game more interesting to play and gain more fun.

Along with that Among Us also bagged lots of awards in their cabinet where it starting from the Golden Joystick award of 2020, The Game awards 2020, Nickelodeon kids choice awards, Webby awards 2021, and a lot more to come.
Supported Platforms
To play Among Us game with your family and friends it is available in the common platforms that we prefer to like android, Microsoft windows and even more, The game was initially supported by android and the ios applications started on June 15, 2018, Microsoft Windows on November 16, 2018, Nintendo Switch on December 15, 2020, and at last you can also experience the game through PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox series XS on December 14, 2021.

From the huge failure to the grand success Among Us not only gives us major fun but also teaches a lesson not to give up and if we groom our skills and make it sharp as a knife it will hit the target strongly and steadily with great accuracy. Enjoy the game, choose your color, select your accessories, and get to kill or to suspect.

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