Are you a guy who missed PUBG? And you are a person who loves to have those vibes in the banned countries like India, and for you guys, this is the best option to go for where it is also called an Indian version of PUBG known as BattleGrounds MobileIndia. This is also an online shooting game that can be played as both single and multiplayer, where it is an online mobile game adopted on both android and ios applications. The concept of the game is to stand till the last to survive where it can be played solo or as a team that is comprised of 4 members and you would be choosing to play the game by choosing 6 maps known as Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi, Livik, Karakin where you can choose any of these. Once the place has been chosen the player has been carried on a flight where you get ejected with the help of a parachute and landed once you place your feet in the battleground. The game comprises a total of 100 players and it too holds buildings, ghost houses, armory, inventory, weapons like pistols, snipers, machine guns, flare guns, grenades where you will be in the highly risky areas to collect these items, and after that you have to kill other participants, safeguard you and rescue your friends along with that you have to reach the safe zone as soon as possible when the are you been here now starts shrinking as the game progresses along with that. To be precise you have to live till the end and say “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” and share the victory with your friends. The game duration is 30 minutes where once the game starts and the time shrinks the safe zone will shrink automatically and you have to take care of the place to change to get survived as the game flows on. Once the game ends based on the performance you will get on game currency and some cosmetic items that you can use to equip your game player.

How to Install

BGMI is available in both android and ios applications on mobile phones where you can easily install the game by using the Play Store and Apple App Store. In android, stores search BGMI or BattleGrounds MobileIndia where you can visualize the game produced by krafton and you can install the game for a great experience. Also for Apple stores, the same tuning has to be followed.

To install BGMI on computers it is a must to use emulators for a better experience, where you can use bluestacks which is an android emulator used for a better experience, and apart from that, there are also some options to go for LDplayer emulator and also choose NoxPlayer to play the game.


Since you are all well aware of the case that BGMI is the newest version of PUB mobile designed in china by Tencent games and that game was a sensation at that time, which to carries some bad examples among the youngsters who becomes an addict on this game and also it creates some fear on creating some violations as it is not enough to satisfy the sovereignty and integrity of India, security of the state and public order, and also the defense of India where the steps have been taken and banned on September 2, 2020. After that lots of the youngsters in several countries missed the vibe of the game a lot and so to revamp this feel, especially in India which has more number of youngsters they came up with a solution name BGMI which is abbreviated as BackGround MobilesIndia launched again with the help of Krafton who designed and developed and the engine unreal engine 4. The game was first launched in android application on 2nd July 2021 and also launched on apple applications on 18th August 2021 and the series is carried on PUBG Universe and the created mode is multiplayer. The genre is the same as PUBG which is Battle Royale where that becomes a grand hit as PUBG and the PUBG Universe offered to transfer their account from PUBG mobile to BGMI where they can continue their profile which gives the updated level to play. Since it has been a recent launch it didn’t bag any awards and is waiting for more to come.

Supported Platforms

The platforms that are available to play BGMI are android, ios on mobile, and for PC or Laptop, it needs some emulators to play on which was mentioned above and you can refer to play it. BGMI is one of the great comebacks in the game world where it says if you get down very fast you have to bounce back at a very faster rate than that with a great amount of planning and accountability.