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Gran Turismo Introduction

Cerati games are designed only for specific platforms. In such a way the game Gran Turismo is especially dedicated to the PlayStation platform. where it is used only on the PS. This is a racing simulation game where you will deal with the races alongside the different types of cars that are too available here.

This game has different modes where it has arcade modes, story modes, and more. In modes, you have to choose any particular car and get set ready for the race. You have to win races and gain more money where along with that you can purchase other cars, and the game is prolonged in those ways.

The major individuality to notice in this game is the cars present in the game. The game is designed and developed on real engine designs. where it has both benefits and demerits of the same engine in the actual life which makes it more fit and fiddle to ride the car. That is the main reason why this game has been more famous to play by millions of people over the world. The entire Gran Turismo series has been done with these simple techniques where you’re gonna entertain the best rate of experience over the periods.

How to Install

The installation is so simple that you don’t need an android application or ios and even computer software like Microsoft as well. This is because you won’t get this game on any of these stated platforms and you will get this one only through the PlayStation. where whatever the PlayStation you have either it is 1,2,3,4,5 or a portable one as well. You’re gonna use it well in any of these.


In the Gran Turismo series, the first one was launched in the year 1997 on December 23 and the latest one was launched in the year of March 4, 2022. The genre of the game is Sim racing and the game is developed by Polyphony Digital. And it is published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Primary Releases PlayStation

This game has 8 primary releases where the first two are for PlayStation, the next two are for PlayStation 2, the next two are for PlayStation 3, two for PlayStation 4, and one for PlayStation 5. This series is also represented by a title called Playstation Portable, and to be seeing it more in detail the game is released in 1997 with an amount of 140 cars in 11 tracks, and in the year 1999 a massive update was given with 650 cars in 27 tracks where it is available in Playstation, and part 3 was launched in the year of 2001 with newly updated 181 cars which may be less but the tracks are improved with 34 tracks.

In the year of 2004 Gran Turismo part, 4 was launched with a massive number of 721 with 51 tracks and these two are available in Playstation 2. After the grand hit of those two, they had a break for a good brainstorming and came up with the idea of 1074 cars with 81 tracks on Gran Turismo 5, and for the 6th version in the year 2013, with almost 100 tracks and 1247 varieties of cars the 5 and 6 was available in Playstation 3. Finally, the Gran Turismo Sport in the year of 2017 and Gran Turismo 7 in the year of 2022 338 and 420 cars are been added over there along with 84 in GT sport and more than 90 tracks in GT 7, where they are available in PS4 and PS5 respectively.

High Selling Game

In the PlayStation brand, this game became the best high selling game under the category of PlayStation brand. For this game series, the Metacritic was at a high level. The Gran Turismo launched in 1997 had a Metacritic of 96/100, and the Grand Turismo 2 is having a Metacritic of 93/100 for PS1, Gran Turismo 3 has a Metacritic of 95/100 in PS2, and the Tokyo version of Gran Turismo is 77/100. The 2002 Tokyo Geneva has 75/100, Gran Turismo 4 has 68/100, Gran Turismo 5 got 80/100, GT6 got 81/100 and Gt7 got 87/100. This game holds the Guinness world record in a series of 7 awards in the bag.

Supported Platforms

The platforms that support the Gran Turismo are PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, and PS5, where these are the platforms that support the game and here in this article the entire details about the grand hit game series Gran Turismo along with its game plot, history, and even more details. If you didn’t play this game ever don’t miss this out play the game for the best experience.