Minecraft Game

We play games for fun, to complete the mission, to engage more with friends and still, there are lots of purposes to do the work. But there are certain games where that don’t have any motive where that has no end, and the players who are engaged in this game can play for just fun on creating or doing something and nothing more than that. No special missions are organized, no special armories, maps, options, and even more. While reading this you may think whether there is a game like this, or even if they exist is there any chance that these games will survive where there are many games that are well planned with levels and executed. The answer to this question is, yes it exists and it’s been there for more than 10 long years, that is Minecraft Game. It is a game that has not much purpose and it is a no-end game, loved by almost billions of people in the world. This game doesn’t have good graphics as it has a very basic one, but still, people love to play it.

The initial stage of a Minecraft Game

The initial stage of the game will get started with a person who will be on an island covered with ice and he will be the only survivor who needs to live and create his own world for himself. He is instructed to cut the trees, roam around the caves in search of stones, wood, gold, diamond, and even more resources where they will be more helpful in creating that world. You can create anything where it is simply art, But if you wanna build the Taj Mahal you can go for it, planning to create Eiffel Tower you can use that, and even more, creations are available here. The thing is you just need to wait and be patient enough to collect all those things and then you can start creating your own world.

The initial launch of Minecraft Game

This game was initially launched in the year of 2011, 18th November where it was a single-player game and doesn’t have any updates. Later when the game was liked by many it has been done with more updates like the health has been updated, enemies like zombies, spiders, warriors, and dragons were added, single-player has been up[dated into the multiplayer and certain resources become rare to make the game more excited where you need more patience to search for those resources and after that the buildings you need to build, the place you wanna settle will get updated and constructed wisely wherewith these games as a reference several games like age of empires, sims has been developed where they had been a grand hit like Minecraft Game.

How To Install a Minecraft Game

In smartphones to download this game, it is available in the official app store and the game store wherein androids you can choose the play store to download the game, and in the apple store, you can find the game published by Mojang studios. For PC games, visit the Microsoft Store and the apple store where you find the Minecraft 10 that was updated recently published by the Mojang studios where you can install it for free and get the game for more fun and art.

History of Minecraft

Minecraft Game is a 3D sandbox game that is developed by Mojang Studios, and it is published by Mojang studios, Xbox game studios, and sony interactive entertainment where the game is designed by Markus Persson also called as the notch, a Swedish video game player and developer designed this game in the year of 2009. Minecraft Game was released in 2011. Initially, this game is called a cave game developed by Markus Persson in the year of 2009 he started working in it, where he had an idea of developing the game only for creation, where you can design new things in your own world and also he added survival were to survive in the game you have to create a strong base for the building, create the defense and more to be ready for the war as well. After the game has crossed some million downloads and many were expecting some new changes on the game it has come up with an update of providing specific health and by following that several minute updates had been given to the game by adding many resources, changing the game plot and even more has been done for the best experience.

In the year of 2014, Minecraft Game was bought by Microsoft for 2.5 million dollars and after that several updates had been done that elevated the game to the next level. This game was single-player and after several updates, it has been done as multiplayer where you can enjoy with your friends and make it more fun and exciting.

Awards Won By The Minecraft Game

In the year of 2010, Minecraft Game won the award of PC-Gamer’s fourth-best game, and Good Game selected it as the best downloadable game of 2010. In the same year, it was named as the “Game of the Year”. In 2012, Minecraft Game XBLA was awarded the “Golden Joystick Award”, in 2013 it was nominated as the “Kids choice award” and won the title in the year of 2015. Recently it won the “Golden Joystick Award” in the year of 2019, and the “Kids choice award” in the year of 2020.

Supported Platforms

The platforms that sup[ports this game are android, windows, macOS, Xbox, and Linux as well wherein windows, Linux and macOS all the varieties of Minecraft Game was supported.