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A well-known game by the entire world which is the most downloaded game in recent years, and that is because of the extraordinary graphics, the plot of the game, surviving till the end is the basic concept of the known and it is shortly called as PUBG, which is abbreviated as “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds”. But this is commonly called PUBG which is the greatest hit. This is an online role-playing game where you are a player who is supposed to be a military cadet jumping into a map zone that starts the game. The concept of the game is so simple, “ Survival Of The Fittest”. Yes, you have to survive till the end of the game and for that, you must kill your enemies and safeguard yourself as well. The game starts with a flight that carries you and you have to select the map before the game starts. Once the flight crosses your map you can choose the place where to jump, and the parachute gets released at that specific place, and once you place your feet at the battleground the game starts. A blue zone is created which is considered to be the safe zone and the duration of the game is 30 minutes. When the game passes on and the minutes go the safer zone gets shrunk and when the shrink starts our lifeline will get reduced and we have to run fast to save our lives and in meanwhile we have to be armed by collecting the pistols, snipers, grenades, shield, Machine Guns and even more to survive and to kill other participants. In that game, almost 100 players will be playing and it should be either single-player or multiplayer, where you can play with your friends as a gang to survive and helps each other for revival and at last after winning you can happily say “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”, the most common phrase used by all of us either we play or not. This Game contains vehicles to travel from one place to another like Jeep, Bike and it too has communicating facilities where you can say how to succeed in the game to get survived.

How to Install

The Installation is easy where it is a free downloaded game as it contains easy installations in which for both android and ios applications. In android applications Go to play store, type PUBG Mobile and you will see the logo having a name with “PlayerUnknown’s BattleGround” published by Tencent Games where it requires more space as well since it acquires more graphics and the same thing goes for ios applications where you have to visit Apple stores for the same download.


The PUBG game was released on March 19, 2018, developed by Lightspeed and quantum studio and it is Published by Tencent Games a Chinese game publishing company. While launching the game along with Tencent it has been launched by some other game publishing companies as well to get spread out in many parts of the world including, Krafton, Level Infinite, VNG Game Publishing, and HotCool Games. It is one of the highest-grossing games by the year of 2.7 billion US Dollars as it breached out with billions of downloads.

Initially while planning for this game the Tencent Games and PUBG corporation is planned to launch two games to play where the first game is named PUBG: Exhilarating Battlefield which is the actual game played by us where we used to connect it with our friends and used to play it for a while supports each and every smartphone that is having android and ios applications. The second phase game is named PUBG: Army Attack which is designed by Tencent’s timing studio that is designed with war zones and battling with aircraft, warships and having arcade-style elements as well. Both the games are much similar and hold lots of differences in the elements. The best part is both the games are free to download and enjoy. Once it has been launched it becomes the first and second game in the Chinese market zone and almost 75000 pre-registrations have been done. In the year of 2020 due to some reasons, the game has been banned by India along with several Chinese apps and after undergoing some consequences PUBG Mobile again gave its entry in the year of 2021 published by Krafton and not Tencent where the name has been changed as “Battlegrounds Mobile India”. This game has lots of online buys that include armors, suits, masks, guns, and some special editions where lots of children got addicted to it and had bought those studs without their parent’s knowledge spending even lakhs in some rare cases. This creates many issues in the gaming market and also for certain governments that need to consider allowing the game in app stores for free. Overall the game is a good creative one having a good concept, amazing graphics, and various options to utilize inside the game but on the other hand, it is too needy to get considered as it lacks focus and buys more time to play.

Supported Platforms

As we said earlier for mobile phones the PUBG game suits both the android and ios applications where the android software like Kitkat, Lollipop, MarshMallows, Nutella, Oreo, and even more applications accepts the game to run and enjoy as it requires more data and space to get occupied. The same thing goes to apple stores which supports both the game and even if you feel that the game requires more space which you do not have, the Tencent games considered this and launched the PUBG game in the year of 2019 that needs very less place in the phones and composed maximum 60 members to play which is named as “PUBG Lite”.

Even though the person who didn’t have any interest in games will know well about PUBG Lite and this is because of its grand success among the youngsters aged between 13-27 and even more people apart from those ages are loved to play this one, must be played only for fun.