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Do you love to be involved in Battles? That too you are a person who wants to play the battle games from a different angle. Just give a high-five, you are in the right place and here you are gonna experience a game that is full of battle and it is full of fun, the name is “War Thunder”. You may wonder what is the specialty in this game to get played, where you have to ride vehicles and that could be in the air, water, and the land as well. If you struggle to understand what is supposed to drive war machines that are used in air lime warplanes, water-like warships, and in-ground tankers where you will experience the best sort of the game during the driving and aiming the enemy ships, and yourself as well. This game has three battles to deal with, which are known as arcade battles, realistic battles, and the realistic battles. Those three battles have different vehicles and different modes where you gain different experiences over there as it too has your friendly troops and the enemy troops, where you have to find the enemy troops and shoot them which is the actual challenge in the game. You are able to drive/ride any vehicle that gives you more fun and excitement and by the way, the game has been played as both singleplayer and multiplayer, so that you can enjoy it with your friends or alone as well.

The arcade battle is a much faster battle and in this zone, the game will be moved at more speed. So, in this battle, the player will experience the fights in an enthusiastic form, and in a realistic battle you will experience the game will go in a little slow when compared to the arcade battle and the name realistic is given, this is because the vehicles and the battlegrounds that are designed are more realistic and for the simulation mode the game is very slow in the mode wherein the three modes simulation mode is the slowest one, and the arcade mode is the fastest one.

You are supposed to handle all types of vehicles, and you will be responsible for the movement of the player where you even receive your troop and are supposed to handle any kind of gun that is available in the game.

How to Install

The game is installed only through PC, and it is not available in Android and Apple phones as well. Since it is a PC game this could be downloaded only through the computer. This can be downloaded by going to the official game site of war thunder, and pressing the red download button. After that save the file and launch it, Confirm the destination location for the game folder, and once the destination is chosen, click finish for the installation, and by the way, you will bet the game on any torrent client as well.


The game was launched in the year of 2012 in the month November where it is developed and published by Gaijin Entertainment. The game has three genres such as action, vehicular combat, and combat flight simulator initially the game is named as ” World of Planes”, but due to the similarity of the game named World of Warplanes, the game has been re-named as War Thunder, where the game has been designed in three modes such as the arcade battles, realistic battles, and simulator battles were three of them are different in the game design and purpose as well. The vehicles are inspired from some of the real vehicles and they are inspired from the warplanes, ships, and the tankers as well. Aviation has been divided into fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters, whereas the realistic battle has been divided into bluewater and coastal and finally the simulator battles has been divided as motor torpedo boats and motor gunboats as well. The game has won several awards and some of the best awards won by the War Thunder are, the 2013 Gamescom Awards and the best game and KRI Awards in the year of 2013 for its best development and the best technology. The game is composed by Georgy Zheryakov
Alexander Chorni and Zahar Antonov where they had designed the vehicles that had been inspired by the Pre-World War I, Spanish Civil War, Iraq War, World War II, Vietnam War, and Cold War as well.

Supported Platforms

There are many more platforms that support the war thunder game for more fun and engagement. They are Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, PS 4, Xbox One, PS 5, and Xbox Series X/S where these are the options to get enhanced with the computers and the play station for the best experience.