Mafia 3 Fastest Cars


Top 10 Mafia 3 Fastest Cars

Before starting the countdown of mafia 3 cars let us know something about mafia 3. Mafia 3 is a role-playing game where it is one of the games that deals with a clash with the mafia gang and the player lead to a particular team, where this game is based on a story mode that leads to a particular mission and in such a way the player needs to be done with the game. In the in-between of the mission this player has been used to move all the movements, and he can use the guns for the offense and the defense, and even he can grab the car for the travel purposes. In this article let us discuss the mafia 3 Fastest Cars that had been used in mafia 3.

Griffin Marauder

In the Mafia 3 Fastest Cars Griffin Marauder is the best one. where it is also a beast that needs to get considered in the game. In this car, it has a top speed of 127 mph, whereas it is a 2-door roadster and it has a top acceleration of 81. The handling is too good with a range of 84. This car is used in more important missions where it is used for aggression purposes. Griffin Marauder is one of the mafia 3 best sports cars.

De’ Leo Stiletto

The De’ Leo Stiletto is a stylish yellow car that you will fall in love with this design as it has a maximum speed of 127 mph. It is a 2-door coupe type car in Mafia 3 Fastest Cars. This car is found in the wealthier districts like Frisco Fields and Southdowns. De’ Leo Stiletto has an acceleration rate of 64, and the handling is decent with 67, where it is available from the vehicle delivery menu after completing the bounty hunting in the stones unturned. it is one of the Great cars from the mafia 3 cars.  

Samson Harrier

Samson Harrier is one of the roadster-type Mafia 3 Fastest Cars. It is an exotic class with a top speed of 126 mph. It is added in the sign of the times DLC, and after completing the mission of “Our New Bartender”. a Samson Harrier has an acceleration rate of 73 with the rate of 55 and also the durability is quiet descent of 41. Just one issue is the handling is a little tough.

Samson Duke

This Samson Duke is Samson brand’s another masterpiece work in Mafia 3 Fastest Cars. where it is too a good top-speed car in the Mafia 3 cars. This is a 2 Door coupe type car where it is an exotic class along with a top speed of 117 mph, and the stylish yellow design has the availability in the wealthier districts of New Bordeaux. The design is similar to the appearance of the Chevrolet Corvette. 

Smith Moray MX 100

Smith Moray MX 100 is the exotic type Mafia 3 Fastest Car. the manufacturer is Smith which designed the car the way that its top speed is 116 mph. It has decent handling performance with a bit of decent durability and it is available as a part of the Family Kick-Back Pack DLC. This car is similar to the design of the first generation of Ford Thunderbird. 

Lassiter Nightcrawler

The Lassiter Nightcrawler is the pickup truck where Lassiter is the manufacturer with a top speed of 118 mph. where it is a two-door utility, with the best durability of 70 out of 100, and the vehicle is available after completing the Ain’t Nowhere Safer. Lassiter Nightcrawler is similar to the third generation of Chevrolet El Camino. Lassiter Nightcrawler is one of the Mafia 3 Fastest Car.

Potomac Independent

The Potomac Independent is the 2-door sedan type Mafia 3 Fastest Car. where it is a sports class car with a top-class speed of 109 mph. Potomac Independent has good durability and descent handling with a good level of acceleration. Potomac Independent is available in the districts of New Bordeaux. This car is similar to the model of the 1964 Buick Riviera. 

Shubert Frigate

Shubert Frigate is manufactured by the Shubert. The top speed of the car is 114 mph and it is a 2-door convertible Mafia 3 Fastest Car. It has some decent speed along with decent durability. The handling of the Shubert Frigate is easy. where it is available in the garages of Mafia 3 game. This car is an inspiration for the Chevrolet Convertible. 

De’ Leo Traviata

This De’ Leo Traviata red color new model has a top speed of 130 mph. It is a 2-door coupe type Mafia 3 Fastest Car. An exotic class type, though it is a high-speed one it is good for handling, and it has a decent durability. It is available in the connection to Cuba. This car is an inspiration for the Dino 206 GT. 

Bulworth Harrow

The Bulworth manufactured black-colored Bulworth Harrow with a high speed of 117 mph. It is the Hearse type and the sport class Mafia 3 Fastest Car. It has some decent acceleration rate and a good rate of durability. This car is the custom version of Bulworth Hearse. 


These cars are the best and Fastest cars in mafia 3 cars. which have different manufacturers, different types, and different inspirations. where it has different positives, and different weaklings as well. Be precise in choosing the car according to the necessity and its uses. 


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