Top 10 Minecraft console commands, cheat codes, and secret Features

minecraft cheat codes
minecraft cheat codes

Top 10 Minecraft Cheats

In this article let us discuss the Best Minecraft Cheat Codes that will come under the Minecraft game. Minecraft is a 3D sandbox game, where it is launched in the year of 2010, and moreover, this game is almost everyone’s favorite where it paves a good way to show our own creativity to the fullest, where in which the creativity will be attained in the form of the house, castle, river, garden, and various decorations as well. Rather than that, it is more important to know some strategies or shortcuts to succeed in the game well, and now it is more important to win the game to the fullest by knowing those tricks and Minecraft Cheat Codes. 

Target Selector Shortcuts

@p – This cheat code is utilized to mark the nearest player to assign anything or to mark him for any purpose. 

@r – This cheat code will choose any random player in the game, at any critical situation, or for any particular tasks, if needed this one will do the role. 

@a – This cheat code is used to select almost all the players in the game to attack everyone at the same time for any crucial attack. 

@s – This cheat code is used to act as the execution part where the entity is given with complete execution on this shortcut command. 


This is not a cheat code but it is one of the essential things that players should know. When you are in an urgent need, and it is more needed, then typing out /help (command name) along with the particular command name will help you to get the help immediately and so far that will lead to progress in the game soon. Keeping this shortcut in mind is more advisable. 


Minecraft Cheat “Give”. Seeking help alone will, not bond the relationship with other players. where providing support is to a more important one to gets followed. Where using the command /give along with the player name who needs help and the item they need or the amount they need is too mentioned over there, and that helps to gives a great support for them. The player can take the items in the inventory to raise the relationship for further more help. 


Minecraft Cheat “Teleport”. This is the most important shortcut or Minecraft cheat code to get followed. Where the shortcut teleport resembles you to get transform from one place to another place and moreover enchanting the command, /tp with the target player and the axis degree that includes x, y and z will be able to teleport him to do the best way of transmission. Teleporting is one of the best ways to escape from attacks, and to give the attack surprisingly. It is one of the Main Cheats for Minecraftxbox one.


Minecraft Cheat “Kill”. If you need to get killed in the game, and want to do it with someone’s help, then enchanting the command kill will help you to do that process, where typing /kill along with the player’s name who needs you to kill will do the process well. Like this  there several Minecraft commands for ps4.


 Minecraft Cheat “weather”. This is another important process where the weather change will be able to make you involved in certain changes along with the weapon’s adoptability. Using the command /weather along with the weather type the required weather whether it is sunny, rainy, winter, spring, and even more where whatever it is the climate will get changed easily from the best premises. This is one of the worldwide loved Minecraft Console Commands.

Creative mode

This mode is just the creative mode where it helps you to change the mode to a creative one and that makes you create unlimited resources like buildings, rivers, decorations, and even more alongside with that it too stops the mobs from attacking you and makes you save a life.

Survival mode

This mode is one of the most important modes, where it helps to save your life in battles. Just type the word with the command, game mode.  where that helps to attack the mobs that will attack you on the verge of the situation. 

Set Time

Minecraft Cheat “Set Time”. Not only the player you can control, but also you can control the time in this game. which is the best good factor to control the game to the fullest of yourself, and for that access, you just need to type on /time set along with that the value had been given as 1000, 2000 and 6000 as well. The timing is done particularly for morning, afternoon, and evening as well. 


Minecraft Cheat “Summoning” .In certain factors, if you were trying to engage your objectives alongside with you then you would have the option to summon any objects you need like a spear, shovel, sword, boots, and even more. Where the player has to just type it as, /summon and to type the object you want where it helps to get done with the object to your position, and you don’t have to teleport and spend some time over there. 


These are the best Minecraft Cheat Codes and shortcuts to just work on. Whereas Minecraft is very easy when you feel very easy to handle these codes and after that, you will be the master of this game. 


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