Minecraft Curse of Binding enchantment what is and how to do

How To Enhance The Minecraft Curse of Binding
How To Enhance The Minecraft Curse of Binding

How to do Curse of Binding enchantment

To win a game certain strategies are followed. The game might be a small one with simple missions or a big one with massive missions. Apart from the shortcuts, there must be a strategy that has been enabled to destroy the enemy plan or to break his defense to win this game. In such game like Minecraft the same theory has been followed where the player itself do some creatives on their own to get survived or else the game itself has some default basic options that can be used at the right time to support the clan or the health of the particular player. That too in a game like Minecraft where you have to survive from dangerous villains lie zombies, spiders and the powerful ender dragon it is must follow certain strategies. Apart from that here we are going to check out a particular cursing technique that has been adopted in this game and that is known as Curse of Binding. 

What is Curse of Binding enchantment and What does Curse of Binding do in Minecraft?

Curse of binding is a process in which a player can’t be able to withdraw the cursed armory that he wore on him where it will get out from him only after he did or else the item gets broken due to its durability and one more possibility you have to be in creative mode. You will get this curse of binding during fishing with the help of a fishing rod which is a rare case and you get it only from the chest looting. The item can’t be removed where the curse is given and that will follow its regulation where it will break down after its limit has reached or your limit must need to reach. Whether the material or the tool is in your hand or not, it is easy to give the curse and same like you too carry the same curse techniques to your enemies so that during survival battles it is very difficult for them to get into the defensive mode, 

For example, if you are weathering leather boot that is not much used during battle and if you are not in a creative mode, once the curse has been bound you can’t be able to remove the leather boots even if you are in crisis whereas you need to fight along with it, and you will wear other boot once after it gets torn or breaks down after it’s time gets over. 

Items to enchant with Curse of Binding

The primary items that tend to be in the curse of binding are Helmets, Chest plates, Boots, Leggings, and Elytra where in this case all of them are defensive things that need to get notified as during the war and survival period if these suits are been curse then it is very difficult to progress the game and the game must be followed with care. The minimum level of the curse of binding is 1, and the maximum level of the curse of binding is also 1. To level up the equipment to the next level, enchantment books are used with the help of an anvil as the base wherein the two slots of the anvil, the equipments are placed on the one slot and the enchanted books are placed on the other slot and after applying the coding command for the enchantment the equipment got progressed to the next level, where for the progression it is necessary to extract one experience share and for that 2 rates of the curse of binding will be gathered. 


Curse of Binding enchantment
Minecraft Curse of Binding
What is the Curse of Binding?

Curse of Binding is simply defined as the factor that prevents the removal of the cursed equipment from our inventory where that can be removed only when the tool gets old and broken or the player must die. 

Is there any possibility that we can’t experience the curse of binding?

The only way that we get to prevent the curse of binding is, we must be in creative mode so that we can avoid being in the curse of binding. 

What are the minimum and the maximum level of the curse of binding?

The minimum and the maximum level of the curse of the binding are up to level 1 where due to experience share the level has been upgraded a little bit by using the enchanted books, the equipment with the help of an anvil as a base.

How to get rid of the curse of binding?

The curse of bind will end, once the material breaks through, or the player has to die and the rarest phenomenon is the player should not be in the creative mode.

How many experience points are needed for one enhancement process?

To do the enhancement it requires one experience point where the exp points are gained from the gatherings of orbs like coal, gold, wood, and diamond, and because of that 2 points are gained.

Supported Platforms

The platforms that support mending and Minecraft are PC/Mac with Java Edition, Pocket Edition, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Nintendo Switch, and Windows edition. These are the platforms that are supposed to take care of the mice crafts for better gaming experience and performance and the list has been provided from the early ’90s supporting platform to the current leading platforms. These are the factors that are involved in the curse binding process of the Minecraft game that has to be followed here. 


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