Minecraft Feather falling enchantment what is and how to do


Feather falling enchantment

Minecraft is a game that has no limits. It is a 3D sandbox game where it has no missions, no levels, and no end where this has been designed for creation that boost your idea of art and you have to survive somehow by dealing the enemies such as zombies, spiders, warriors, and at last the ender dragon. To survive and to create the world it is important to maintain the civilization where we have to dig the gold, drill the stones, fish, cut down trees, and even more where to build the strong castle, buildings, and other buildings and when doing these process we will fall on underneath the ground, icebergs and several fa stairs are available and to withstand in that we need a supportive element. In this article, we are discussing Feather falling enchantment

What does Feather Falling do in Minecraft?

Feather falling enchantment is the most important enhancement in the Minecraft version where it helps to prevent the falling damage when we fall from a higher region or get teleported with the help of an elder pearl from one place to another. When the player has the feather falling enchantment activation the falling speed won’t get reduced but the damage has been prevented more from the impact as it saves the life with better health. The minimum level of the feather falling starts with level 1 and the maximum level is with level 4. One more important thing is the feather falling enchantment is a very rare element to get where you need to be more calm and polite when you are handling the fishing rod, and also it can be attained during trading as well. The chances to get this enhancement is just 2.71%, where probably you can find it on the chest loots. 

If you attained the feather falling then just consider it has strived for your hard work and you are a lucky charm that day as it helps to prevent the damage of the health nearly to 3/4th of your total health that makes a great deal to be more supportive. 

Items to enchant with Feather Falling

The boot is the only equipment that has been well utilized for the feather falling enchantment where its maximum level is 4 when it reaches this level you will be more defensive in your actions and you will feel it like a shield that supports you by preventing the damage very easily. To do the process enchant books are used where an anvil is utilized as the base and the boot has been placed as well where the book and the material are placed on either side of the slots and the material command has been encrypted to get done with the process for the betterment of the reaction and supportive actions. 


What is meant by Feather Falling?

Feather Falling is an enhancement that has been utilized to prevent the damages of falling where we fall from heights and causes severe damage which affects our health adversely.

Where can we get the Feather Falling?

The feather falling is a rare enhancement where we get that one with the help of a fishing rod and from chest loots. The possibility of the feather falling is just 2.71%.

What is the maximum and the minimum level of enchantments in feather falling?

The minimum level of enhancement on feather falling is just level 1, and the highest level to reach it and to get protected from the damage of falling is level 4.

Which tool or material is used to enhance any things that we use?

The tool that we use to enhance the things that get to be used by the player is known as the enchant books which it acts as a catalyst to speed up the process and attains more strength to increase the durability of the materials. 

Maximum at what level the feather falling will save the player?

This depends upon the level of the boot that has been enhanced towards the feather falling. If it has been higher like level 4, it saves almost 3/4th of the player’s health and if the level is pretty less the probability of prevention will be pretty less. 

How many experience points are needed for one enhancement process?

To do the enhancement it requires one experience point where the exp points are gained from the gatherings of orbs and because of that 2 points the probability has been increased a lot.

Supported Platforms

 The platforms that support mending in Minecraft are, PC/Mac with Java Edition, Pocket Edition, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Nintendo Switch, and Windows edition.  These are the platforms that are supposed to take care of the mice crafts for better gaming experience and performance and the list has been provided from the early ’90s supporting platform to the current leading platforms. 


Though feather-falling enchantment is rare to attain, it is not said that it is impossible to gather where proper planning and politeness will get the deal easily, and it takes more and more time to get it, but it is worth the time. So, if you wanna be proactive and be safe from that wait for it, as it took many days, weeks, or even months, and if you are a person who doesn’t want to spend much more time as it makes you bored and slow down your process you just make your own way of progression without that. 


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