What is Protection Enchantment and how to do it?

The Greatest Minecraft Protection Enchantments you need to know
The Greatest Minecraft Protection Enchantments you need to know

Protection Enchantments

Here comes the main discussion about the Minecraft game, where it is a sandbox 3D game and it is well known for its creativity. To be precise to say, we are all the creators who can develop anything over there and we are the masters of the world of creation or destruction. It has been decided by us where this is the factor that makes us more engaged over here. Apart from that to make the game more interesting we need to maintain the survival factors in which we need to take on the depictive villains like Skelton, creatures, spiders, and even more, and after that, we need to face the important villain, “The Ender Dragon” who is the masterpiece in this game and very difficult to defeat whereas we need more strategies for that. To enhance the support here we will discuss the important factors in that game like Protection Enchantments. 

What does Protection do in Minecraft?

When you hear the name protection enchantment, you will come up with an idea where that helps to improve the protection enchantment of your life by improving several factors. Here is a game like Minecraft where we have only two modes known as creation and survival, during the time of creation we need to concentrate on the creation and we don’t need much to deal with the enemies at that time. But, when it comes to survival mode it is mandatory that we are busy with the wars and the strategies to destroy the enemies like zombies, skeletons, spiders, and the ender dragon to safeguard us and to progress the game as well. To do all this, we need enhancement and protection enchantment. It is an enhancement process where we need to improve the protection enchantment rate of certain equipment that is equipped during the survival mode to save our life. The minimum level of the armories is level 1 and the maximum level of the protection enhancement is level 4. Though it is well versed with certain equipment, it too has its weak points where it is incompatible with certain blast protection enchantment, fire protection enchantment, and projectile protection enchantment. 

Items to enchant with Protection

The items that have been enchanted with the protection enchantment are the chest plate, boots, leggings, and helmets where are the equipment that are used mainly in the defensive mode and the survival mode where this enhancement helps to reduce the damage of that equipment during the time of battles. These equipments are been in the action of enhancement with the help of the anvil tool where on one end we need the material to get enhanced and on the other side, we need an enchanting table to get a place with the anvil as the base, where after entering the enchanting command code the process has been done till the level 4. The enhancement weight for the protection enchantment is 10 where by replacing it with one experience point, for the enhancement. 


What is meant by Protection?

Protection enchantment is an enhancement factor that helps to prevent users from the excessive damage that had occurred during the time of the battle, as it supports the suit to get protected. To save our lives.

What are the minimum level and maximum level of protection?

The minimum level of the protection enchantment is level 1, where you get it at the basic level and the maximum level of the protection enchantment is at level 4, and here is the point you get the maximum protection enchantment and the damage has been reduced extensively.

What is the enhancement weight for the protection and how the enhancement is gained?

The enhancement weight for the protection enchantment is 10, where the enhancement is gained by taking over one experience point which we take from the ores such as copper, gold, diamond, wood, and even more. 

What are all the factors that are incompatible with the protection?

The factors that are incompatible with the protection enchantment are blast protection, fire protection, projectile protection. 

How has the protection been enhanced?

The enhancement has been done with the help of an anvil which is the base that has been placed below where on either side the enchanting table and the material need to get enhanced, which is a helmet, chest plates, leggings, and boots are placed on the other end for the replacement. 

Supported Platforms

The platforms that support mending and Minecraft are, PC/Mac with Java Edition, Pocket Edition, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Nintendo Switch, and Windows edition. These are the platforms that are supposed to take care of the mice crafts for better gaming experience and performance and the list has been provided from the early ’90s supporting platform to the current leading platforms. These are the factors that are involved in the curse binding process of the Minecraft game that has to be followed here. 


Protection enchantment is one of the most important factors in the Minecraft game where we need to take care of the equipments that we use in the survival mode, where that helps to survive for a long time and projects our game to the next level, as it improves the creativeness of the game indirectly, If we tend to survive for a long time in a single stretch then the creativity has been implemented at a high level where attaining protection enchantment and enhancing at this at a high level gives great defense and keeps up the game more engaging. 


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