What is Quick Charge and how to do Quick Charge Enchantment


Quick Charge Enchantment

Minecraft is a different game that is used for both creativity and survival. This could be played by both the kids and the adults where it gives a great experience and the best amount of engagement over a long period of time. This game was initially launched in the year of 2010, and for almost 10 long years this game has been a great success with proper sets of enchantments and updates. In this article let us explore one enchantment that has been used in the game for over a period of years, its benefits, uses, and the platforms that support them all. In this article, we are going to see Quick charge enchantment.

What does Quick Charge do in Minecraft

Quick charge enchantment is an enchantment process that helps to reload as soon as possible. This enchantment process is more necessary as it helps to regain the equipment armed with more speed and it attacks the mob or other villains with more force for the best range of shots and attacks. This enchantment has been started at the initial level of 1, and the maximum level of the Quick charge enchantment is 3 where you need to do with the enchantment till that level and over level 1, the reload will take some good time, and on level 3 it holds very less time to get reload.

If you are in a position to defeat the enemy or mob immediately, this enchantment process makes a great role here where you can reload the arrows immediately and lower the life of the mob to kill them easily. The Quick charge enchantment weight is 5, wherein turn for each enchantment 5 rates of the enhancement process have been updated here.

The attack stats have arrived wherein level 1 the reloading time will be 1.25 seconds. In the stage of level 2, the reloading capacity is 0.25 seconds and in the final stage of enchantment which is at level 3, the time that needs to be reloaded in 0.5 seconds. So, when the level progresses the time will be very less and so for that, the enchantment must be done soon where you can experience the fast reloading and it eases to kill any mobs or creatures you are facing. 

Items to enchant with the Quick Charge

The item that has been utilized to get enchanted with the quick charge is the crossbar. It is the only equipment that has been used to do the level-up process, where it helps to launch the arrows or the firework rocket. The enchantment process has been done with the anvil blade where it has two slots, in which on one slot the enchanted table has been placed and on the other side, the crossbar has been placed. After providing a proper enchanting command the level up has been done where for every level up 5 rates of enchantment have been done till it reaches level 3. 


What is defined as Quick charge enchantment?

Quick charge enchantment is defined as an enchantment process where it helps to reload the material that has been enhanced with that as soon as possible for faster attacks. 

What is meant by an enchantment?

It is a process of evel up where it helps to improve or enhance the performance of a tool or material that has been used in the creative mode or survival mode.

Which material has been used for the Quick Charge enhancement?

The only material that has been used for the Quick charge enchantment process is the crossbar which it has the capability to hold both the arrows and the fire rockets. 

What is the maximum and the minimum level of the Quick Charge enchantment?

The maximum and the minimum level of the quick charge enchantment is level 1 which is the basis for all the processes, and the maximum level would be 3. 

How has the enchantment process been done?

The enchantment process has been done by using an anvil which acts as a base and on either slot, the enchanting table, and the material to get enhanced has been used for the further level-ups.

What is meant by the mob?

A mob is a kind of a player who has a body design like us, that may be a pawn or witch and any other thing who are intended to defeat us or kill us in the Minecraft game.

What is the weight of Quick charge enchantment?

The weight of the Quick charge enchantment process is 5, which means on each level of enchantment 5 rates of Quick Charge have been added over here for the level-ups. 

Supported Platforms

Certain platforms will support Quick charge enchantment, they are Java Edition (PC/Mac), Pocket Edition, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Windows 10 Edition, and Education Edition where apart from that none of the updates have been accessed to enjoy this type of enhancement.  


Quick charge enchantment is something that gets reloaded easily with the instruments or the materials so that attacking the mob or other enemies will be easier and gains more time for the next attack as well. Be conscious of the level of enchantment before facing an opponent who may be more powerful. 


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