What is respiration and how to do respiration enchantment

respiration enchantment
respiration enchantment

Respiration Enchantment

Minecraft is a game that has no limits. It is a 3D sandbox game where it has no missions, no levels, and no end where this has been designed for creation that boost your idea of art and you have to survive somehow by dealing the enemies such as zombies, spiders, warriors, and at last the ender dragon. To survive and to create the world it is important to maintain the civilization where we have to extract the gold, break out the stones, catch fish using fishing rods, cut up the trees for required uses, and even more where to build the strong fort or castle, and other buildings and when doing these process we will fall on underneath the ground, icebergs and several factors are available and to withstand in that we need a supportive element. Let’s see what is respiration and respiration enchantment?

What does Respiration Enchantment do in Minecraft?

Respiration Enchantment
Respiration Enchantment

Respiration enchantment is an important enhancement that is used to improve the time in the underneath water, where it helps to boost up the breath factor in the water to carry out the game in the flow. These are the secondary uses where it doesn’t depend upon any offenses and defenses as well. This factor is mainly used for a strategy where it supports you in a time of crisis. In creative mode, if you are searching for any coal or gold that are underneath the water and searching for a long time, respiration enchantment has been used where it extends the time and supports you to do the process. Whereas in the survival mode if you are not equipped enough to face your enemies and you are in a critical situation, then it helps you to survive a little bit underneath the water, and it keeps you alive for some extended time. For respiration enchantment, the minimum level is 1 just like the other enhancements and the maximum level is 3 and the enhancement weight is 2, which means whenever you get enhanced with the respiration enchantment 2 rates of weight has been updated and step by step, it will reach the level soon. Though it is not the best primary purpose, it is the best secondary purpose when the player is in any crisis. 

Items to enchant with Respiration

The item that has been utilized for respiration is the helmet, where it has been equipped in your head and that keeps you alive underneath the water. Apart from water none of the equipment like chest plates, leggings, boosts are being used for survival. To improve the respiration capacity of the helmet anvil is used where this is the basic equipment that has been used for several enhancements, in which the enchanted table is also used where the table and the material to get enhanced has been placed on both the slots and after entering the enhancement command code, the process has been done and the level has been raised. 


What is meant by Respiration?

Respiration is an enhancement process mainly used for defending strategies where it has been used to raise the living capacity underneath the water by enhancing the helmet equipped by the player.

What are the minimum and the maximum level of Respiration?

The minimum level of respiration enchantment is 1 where you attain it at the initial part of the game, and as the game progresses you would experience the maximum level of the respiration enhancement which is level 3.

Which material has been used to enhance respiration?

The material that has been used with the respiration is a Helmet, where that is the only material used to boost the respiration enchantment and the life of the player underneath the water.

How has the enhancement been done in respiration?

The Enhancement has been done by the anvil which is the base and the enchantment table has been used for the further development in which the material that needs to get enhanced has been placed on one slot, and on the other slot, the book has been placed after writing out the enhancement common code the result has been produced with the proper enhancement.

What is the enhancement weight for respiration?

The enhancement weight for the respiration is 2, and if the upgrade has been done in exchange for one experience point gathered from the ores like gold, stone, and other resources 2 rates of experience have been added for the level-ups.

Supported Platforms

 The platforms that support Respiration enchantment in Minecraft are PC/Mac with Java Edition, Pocket Edition, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Nintendo Switch, and Windows edition. These are the platforms that are supposed to take care of the mice crafts for better gaming experience and performance and the list has been provided from the early ’90s supporting platform to the current leading platforms. 


These are the factors, steps, and benefits that are involved in respiration enchantment. Though it is a secondary factor in the game. It has an important role to take off to maintain game be at a good flow, and moreover being long in water is not at all easy without respiration enchantment. So, makes some time to concentrate on this and continue your game. 


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