What is Sharpness Enchantment and how to do it?

Minecraft Sharpness enhancements
Minecraft Sharpness enhancements

Minecraft Sharpness Enchantment

Minecraft Sharpness enchantment

In This article, we are talking about Minecraft Sharpness enchantment but before this let’s understand why Sharpness enchantment is needed. Minecraft is a game that is entirely different from other games, where most of the games have some endpoint, missions, level-ups, route maps, and even more structured factors as it has followed, and once it has been perfectly followed the game will come to an end. But, in such games like Minecraft, it doesn’t have any end where it doesn’t have any missions, maps, levels ups, or any set of structures as it has only two main focuses called the creative one and the survival one. In the creative one, you are the mentor to create your own world on whatever you like, and in survival mode, you have to survive by defending the creatures like spiders, cave spiders, endermites, silverfish, bees, and even more. Since the game doesn’t have any structured basis like other games they have been inserted with certain enchantments that have to be considered once the game gets progressed. Today we discussing on Minecraft Sharpness enchantment.

What does Minecraft Sharpness enchantment do?

Minecraft Sharpness enchantment
Minecraft Sharpness enchantment

Minecraft Sharpness enchantment is an enchantment that deals with increasing the sharpness of the hard equipment to boost up the attack stats in the game. This improvement will boost up the attack damage of the mob or the enemies you are facing which that keeps you to be in the safe mode of the game. The mi minimum level of the Sharpness enchantment is level 1, and the maximum level of the sharpness enchantment is level 5. When the materials reach level 5 it gains the maximum enchantment and it unleashes the maximum attack to the mob and gives easy kills. In level 1, it gives additional damage of 1.25%, whereas in level 2 it gives the damage rate of 2.5%, and the third level will have the rate of 3.75, and the fourth level will be 5, and finally the last level will be 6.25. These are the progression rates and the materials used here generally needed in the survival mode for the battles, where it helps to fight against the spiders, cave spiders, mobs, and other villains like skeletons, zombies, and the ender dragon as well. The sharpness enchantment has been done for all the equipment that is made up of diamond, stone, metal elements. 

Items to enchant with Minecraft Sharpness

Minecraft Sharpness enchantment

The Items that get enhanced with sharpness enchantment are generally the sword and the ax where the sharpness has been enhanced over here. From level 1 which we get it by default, till the level 5, the enhancement has been carried on. The level up has been done with the help of an anvil where the enchanting table is needed for the progression on the one slot, and the materials like sword or ax which needs to get enhanced have been placed on the other end, and after entering the coding command the enhancement has been done. In this list, only the sword has been used as the primary tool whereas the ax has been used as the secondary tool by most of the players handling the game. The enhancement weight of the enchantment is 10, which means once the enhancement has been done 10 rates of level up to have been taken. 


What is meant by Sharpness enchantment?

Minecraft Sharpness is defined as the enhancement that helps to shape the offensive tools like a sword and the ax that keeps the material sharper and unleashes major attacks among the mob or the enemy.

What are all the materials that keep enhancing the Minecraft sharpness?

The materials that can be enhanced with the sharpness enchantment are the sword and the ax which are best for the sharpness enchantment and also good for equipping with sharpness.

What is the minimum level of sharpness enchantment?

The minimum level of sharpness enchantment is level 1, which is the basic level that you get used to at the start of the game.

What is the maximum level of the Minecraft sharpness enchantment?

The maximum level of the sharpness enchantment is level 5, wherein this level it has the maximum amount of sharpness enchantment that unleashes attack with great damage among the mobs or the enemies.

How has the enhancement been done with the sharpness?

The enhancement has been done with the help of an anvil where it is the base and on either side, the slots have been placed that have enchanted tables on one end and the material to be on the other side, where the coding command has been entered. 

What is the attack range of Minecraft sharpness, according to its level range?

When the sharpness enchantment is at level 1, the attack range is 1.25, and at level 2 the attack range is 2.5, for level 3, it is 3.75, for level 4 it is 5, and for level 5 it is 6.25.

Supported Platforms

The platforms that support Minecraft Sharpness enchantments are PC/Mac with Java Edition, Pocket Edition, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Nintendo Switch, and Windows edition. These are the platforms that are supposed to take care of the mice crafts for better gaming experience and performance and the list has been provided from the early 90’s supporting platform to the current leading platforms. 


This enhancement is one of the most important ones where it raises the attack stats of the material that gives the maximum attack power which is most needed in the game that gives more kills when the level has been progressed when the game passes by. 


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