What is Minecraft Silk Touch Enchantment and how to do it?

Silk Touch Enchantment
Silk Touch Enchantment

Minecraft Silk Touch Enchantment

Before starting about Silk touch enchantment first, let’s understand why we need it and what is it. Some games are close to our heart, but initially, we don’t engage in it much and are not into our favorites list, but after some time, it will be our most favorite. Such games have been updated with a great set of stories or missions, have great graphics, and even more. But, here is the game that contains no missions, no story, no end but still it is the most loved one, and that is named as Minecraft.

It is the game that was launched in the year of 2010 where it has only two modes here. One is survival mode and the other is the creative mode, whereas in creative mode the player just needs to create things as much as he/she likes like his favorite buildings, the shape of the lake, admiring designs, and even more simply he/she is the conqueror of that world.

In survival mode, the player needs to defend his opponents and get survived here, for that various enchantments have been provided and here we will explore one enchantment process that is known as Silk touch enchantment. 

What does Silk Touch do in Minecraft

Silk Touch enchantment is one of the lucky enchantment processes where it allows you to mine and gathers blocks instead of gaining the usual drops. The minimum level of the Silk Touch enchantment is 1, the maximum level of the Silk touch enchantment is to 1 and the enchantment weight is too 1.

If you are planning to dig the mine and to get any material you will get better than that. For example, if you planning to extract diamond you will get the diamond ore, and likewise, you will get Amethyst Bud, Amethyst Cluster, Bee Nest, Beehive, Beetroots, Blue Ice, Bookshelf, Budding Amethyst, Cake, Campfire, Carrots, Clay, Coal Ore, Cocoa, Coral Blocks, Emerald Ore, Fire and even more by using this enchantment you will be benefitted by this.

This enhancement is not used in the survival mode but for the creative mode and at the times when you get bored intensely this one will keep you strong by using it, this one will give more fun and at the same time more benefits to add up on your inventory list that helps you to gain more resources. 

Items to get enchanted in Silk Touch

There are four primary and one secondary item to get enchanted with the Silk Touch enchantment of the Minecraft game. They are Pickaxe, Shovel, Axe, and Hoe, and the secondary items to get utilized are Shears. These are the equipment that had been helped to dig the mines and extract the resources as well.

The minimum level of the Silk Touch enchantment is 1 and the maximum level of the enchantment is 1. The enhancement process has been done by using an anvil as the base where there are two slots over it. In one slot the enchanting table has been placed and on the other end the item that needs to get enchanted will be available, and after entering the enchanting command the level up has been done. 


What is defined as the enchantment process?

The enchantment process is defined as something that helps to get proper level-ups, or improvisation of any particular material or instrument to improve its performance.

What are the minimum and the maximum level of the Silk Touch Enchantment?

The minimum level of the Silk Touch enchantment is 1, and the maximum level of the Silk Touch enchantment is 1.

Which material is used for the Silk Touch Enchantment?

The materials that get enchanted with the Silk Touch enchantment are the Pickaxe, Axe, Shovel, and Hoe whereas these are the primary materials and the secondary material would be the Shears.

What is meant by the Silk Touch Enchantment?

Silk Touch Enchantment is known as the enhancement process that helps to gain the possibility of materials by creating blocks in the mines and getting some better material. 

What are all the materials that we would possibly get through Silk Touch enchantment?

The materials that we would possibly get from Silk Touch enchantment are diamond ore, fire, coral blocks, coral, bee nest, beehives, Amethyst Bud, Amethyst Cluster, Blue Ince, and Cake, Copper Ore, Deepslate, and even more.

How has the Silk Touch enchantment process been done?

The Silk Touch enchantment process has been done by using an anvil as the base and after that over the two slots, on one end the enchanting table, and on the other end the material that needs to get enchanted will be placed, whereas after entering the coding command the enhancement process has been done.

Supported Platforms

The platforms that support in Minecraft are PC/Mac with Java Edition, Pocket Edition, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Nintendo Switch, and Windows edition. These are the platforms that are supposed to take care of the mice crafts for better gaming experience and performance and the list has been provided from the early 90s supporting platform to the current leading platforms.


Apart from fortune these are some of the best enhancements where we can consider gaining resources will become easier and gain the high possibility to get the higher rate of materials to fill up in the inventory list, that progresses the game with more creativity and that too indirectly uses it in the survival mode as well. So, don’t hesitate to perform the fishing here and to gain main resources so that you feel more wealthy and confident in the game with enchantments.


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