What is Minecraft Thorns Enchantment and how to do it?

Minecraft Enchantments Thorns
Important factors that you don’t know about Minecraft Enchantments Thorns

Minecraft Enchantment Thorns

In this article, we are discussing minecraft enchantment thorns. Minecraft is a game which is designed in the year 2010, where suits for both kids and youngsters, and since for 10 more long years this game has been designed well with many updates that catch almost billions of the people in the world, where they all love to involve with fantastic creations which makes you world more beautiful and more enjoying and after it, to make the game more concentrating it has been exposed it with the survival mode dealing with wars, fights with the zombies, creatures like the spider and the well-designed villain “The Ender Dragon”. To deal the game with more excitement several enhancements have been added and updated, where the enhancement has been unique according to its nature. In this article, we are discussing Minecraft enchantments thorns.

What do Thorns do in Minecraft?

Minecraft enchantment Thorns are an enhancement that has been used to develop with the armory suits, where it is used to counter-attack the enemies by inflicting damage if they intend to attack the wearer who equips the suits with the Minecraft enchantment thorns. This is generally used in the armory suits and being in survival mode it is the most needed one. Though it had a great factor in inflicting damage to the enemy, it too has the factor of causing the suit itself that is built by the thorn. If you equip a suit with the thorn then it leads to reducing the durability of the equipment and moreover it makes them wear soon, maybe to avoid that if you hold the enhancement of unbreaking the suit will get saved easily. Moreover, the thorn enhancement is not for every suit, it chooses a particular suit randomly and the attack inflicted will be taken care of by that. The minimum level of the enhancement will be at level 1, and the maximum level of the enhancement is at level 3, where when the physical damage is done to the respective levels in the armories, the damage has been taken according to that. The damage has been rated from 1-4 where for each damage a separate amount of cause has been included according to the level. 

Items to enchant with the Thorns

The items that are required to enchant with the thorns are the armory items like Helmets, Chest Plates, Leggings, and Boots where they are the armory suits that are used in the survival mode, and moreover, it is the most necessary equipment to lead and save from death. The levels of the Minecraft enchantments thorns are enhanced with the help of the enchanting table and the anvil which helps to enhance the suits with the Minecraft enchantments thorns by entering the coding command for the enhancement. The enhancement weight to get enhanced by the Minecraft enchantments thorns is 1. 


What is meant by the Minecraft enchantments Thorns?

The Minecraft enchantments Thorns have been defined as the enhancement where it helps to inflict damage to the enemies when they try to attack the wearer who integrates that in them.

What is all the equipment that supports the Thorn enhancement?

The materials that support the thorn enhancement are the helmets, leggings, boots, and chest plates where these are the armory suits that support the survivor mode. 

What is the minimum level of the Minecraft enchantments thorns?

The minimum level of the Minecraft enchantments thorns is level 1, where you get this level up basically by default at the start of the game itself.

What is the maximum level of the Minecraft enchantments thorns?

The maximum level of the Minecraft enchantments thorns is 3, as it provides maximum damage to the enemies who intend to attack the wearer even with targeted projectiles.

How has the enhancement been done in the thorns?

The enhancement has been done with the help of the anvil and the enchanted table where it helps to be done with the enhancement and the level up has been done with these factors.

What is the enhancement weight for the Thorns?

The enhancement weight of the thorn is 1, where for each level up 1 amount of the upgrade has been done to reach the level marks easily. 

Supported Platforms

The platforms that support Minecraft enchantments Thorns in PC/Mac with Java Edition, Pocket Edition, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Nintendo Switch, and Windows edition. These are the platforms that are supposed to take care of the mice crafts for better gaming experience and performance and the list has been provided from the early ’90s supporting platform to the current leading platforms. 


These are the important factors that we would know about the Minecraft enchantments thorns, where it is one of the most important enhancements in this Minecraft game as it helps to be the best offensive part and the defensive part as well, that keeps you to stay in the war for a long time, and it keeps to be in the battle as it indirectly helps to stay long in the creative mode as well. 


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