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Need For Speed PayBack
Need For Speed PayBack

Introduction of Need For Speed Payback

Do you love to play in story mode? Do you love racing? But the thing is, probably in most of the games if racing is available we can’t find many stories over there, and if the story is available the races will not be pretty available, but if these two were combined that will give us a tremendous experience. Likewise, a game was designed and that is named “Need for Speed Payback”. Which is part of the series Need For Speed.

Here in Need for Speed Payback, you will experience off-road racing, and on-road racing as well, along with the story plot is tremendous where you have to take revenge here. Plenty of character plot has been added up here and the story starts with a gang of three named Tyler Morgan, Mac McAlister, and Jessica Jess Miller. Three of them were friends and excellent racers and each of them had different skills out there. Along with them, they had their own mechanic Ravindra Rav Chaudary.

 The story of Need for Speed Payback starts with the Fixer named Lina Navarrao who gave an offer to the gang on sterling the precious “Koenigsegg Regera”, the limited edition beast mode car belonging to Marcus who is a gambler. Later they realized that the mechanic Ravindra Rao had been knocked out, and they found that the fixer lina had betrayed Tyler and his crew where she trapped them by stealing the precious limited model, towards the police force and even Marcus was betrayed by her who planned to recuse tyler from the police force and they plan to have their revenge on lina which is the entire game plot that the story had been carried on. 

Six months later Tyler spots Lina who is threatening weir to hand over his casino to the house that had been controlling the underworld. After all seeing, this Tyler is frustrated and he plans to enter into the house as a racer and wins the race. Likewise, the story gets prolonged on how Tyler meets the race, how he won it, did he have his revenge? Or what he would suppose to do here. This is the entire story of Need for Speed Payback to deal it out where you will be engaging in several racing events such as a one-to-one, group of 4, and the last one reaching successive laps will be knocked out, handling the police on escaping from them. 

The game is carried by a total of 24-hour cycles where the game is done through the entire day and night as well. On the day, the game is done with racing and upgrades of cars, whereas at night time the racing is done with more money along with more risk, where the police task force is enraged here to catch you and book you with the fine as well. The place has been designed from the traces of Miami and the races are been done in an open environment where you spot more cars here in the open space. 

How to Install Need for Speed Payback

Need for Speed Payback is available in official Microsoft stores where it causes more cost to buy, and you can get it on Xbox and PlayStation 4 as well. Certain cracked versions are too available here on gaming platforms like steam so you need to take a quiet risk after download, it may affect the system as well. 

History of Need for Speed Payback

Need For Speed PayBack
Need For Speed PayBack

Need for Speed Payback was launched in the year of November 2017, 10 where it is one of the most welcomed games at that time, where many teenagers were eagerly awaiting for the next series of Need For Speed, and for their waiting the perfect treat has been provided over here. 

Need for Speed Payback can be played either as a single-player or multiplayer as well where the genre of the game is racing. Need for Speed Payback was developed by the Ghost Games, and it is published by the Electronic Arts where the game is directed by William Ho, designed by Riley Cooper, and the engine used in this game is Frostbite 3. The main defect in Need for Speed Payback which was felt by many of the gamers after it has very less numbers of cars in the game, It has a total of 74 vehicles in it. Still, players love to drive some of the Need for Speed Payback best cars.

where Toyota, scion, and Ferrari were not involved in this game due to the licensing issues whereas apart from that we would find the Subaru BRZ, Aston Martin, Audi, Buick, Jaguar, Koenigsegg, Land Rover, Mercury, Pagani, and Plymouth as well. 

Need for Speed Payback has several nominations where in the year of 2017, it has been nominated as the Best Racing Game in the year of 2017, also the same one for Gamescom 2017 in the same year, and in the year of 2018 for the song collection, Need for Speed Payback has been nominated for the National Academy of Video Game Trade Reviewers Awards as well.

From the Aggregator’s point of view, Need for Speed Payback has been scored 62/100 for PC, 61/100 for PS4, and 61/100 for the XBOX. When it comes to the publications, Gamespot gives 5/10, GamesRadar provides 3.5/5, IGN gives 5.9/10 and Polygon gives 6.5/10. 

Supported Platforms

The platforms that support Need for Speed PayBack are Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox one as well.


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