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Need for Speed Underground 2
Need for Speed Underground 2

Introduction of Need for speed underground 2

Every success will have its endpoint, and from that point, it must have a starting point as well. After the success of Need for Speed Underground, the team was desperate and in demand on providing the next edition with another great success. where it is their eighth edition and that is too much of a success for them, which is named “Need for Speed Underground 2”. This game is another grand hit, where this game has a different approach at that time, where the game has both racings, and interesting story plots as well. 

Need for speed underground 2 starts with beating a street racing gang, where the players beat Eddie and his gang and that loss makes Melissa and the Eastsiders the best racers in the Olympic City. After that incident, the player is identified by an unrevealed man, where offers him to join his team through a letter, and after that, he didn’t ever reply anything that. so that he was banged suddenly by a Hummer H2 over his Nissan Skyline GT-R, and that man was placing a tattoo with him.

After six months the story has been in its plot where the player is moving to Bayview, where he meets her assistant named Samantha and she refers to her friend Rachel teller. In Bay View, the player buys his first car and meets up in races for many wins where he gets his name and fame along with the sponsorship deals that attract the attention of a team named “The Wraiths”, and their leader named Caleb Reece.

After that, a truth is revealed that Caleb is the driver of the Hummer who banged the player in the Olympic City. Later, Rachel reveals that Caleb is the villain of this game where he tries to take over all the sponsorships on his name, by threatening the players and banging them as well. As a twist, Caleb is in a situation to lose his one team member known Nikki, and Nikki joins his side of Rachel, assisting the player about the positives and weaknesses of Caleb and his gang to knock them out in the street races. That is how the game had been prolonged with more races and impressive storylines. 

NFS 8 has several updates like Street X mode, where here the roads are pretty small and tight along with 4 cars have been to participate, and especially the nitrous will be off. Also, this game has Underground Racing League where the close curved roads are been located in the airways. Also, Several open environments in which the race has been done, and the player who scores the maximum points is the winner here. Some special events are also done here where there are races between blistering cars that run at amazing speeds and are done with great drifts as well. 

How to Install Need for speed underground 2

The Need for speed underground 2 is available in official stores of apple and Microsoft where apart from that it is too available in certain gaming platforms like Steam, and BlueStacks as well but all that happens at its own risk.

History of Need for speed underground 2

Need for Speed Underground 2

Need for speed underground 2 was launched in the year of 2004, and it has different launch dates in different countries. In North America, Need for speed underground 2 was launched on November 9, 2004, for PC, whereas for the same region on other platforms it was launched on November 15, 2004. In Europe, Need for speed underground 2 was launched on November 19, 2004, and in Australasia, it was launched on July 27, 2005. Through the Nintendo DS, the Need for speed underground 2 was launched in North America on May 10, 2005, whereas in Europe it was launched on May 27, 2005. 

The need for speed underground 2 was developed by EA Black Box, Pocketeers, and also by Team Fusion. NFS is a single and multiplayer game where the genre is based upon racing. At the end of 2004, NFS 8 has been sold out with 8.6 million copies, whereas PS 2, especially in the United Kingdom Need for speed underground 2 was sold over 6,00,000 copies and it too bagged the “Double Platinum Award” from the Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association, where for PS 2 in the entire world Need for speed underground 2 had sold around 11 million copies as well.

Several famous magazines came up with their review outcomes of 9.1/10 by IGN, OXM(US) gave 8.9/10, The Times shared 4.5/5 marks, EGM provided 8.33/10, and Game Informer provided 8/10 as their final review. Need for speed underground 2 was published by Electronic Arts and it is composed by Tom Salta. 

Supported Platforms

The platforms that support Need for speed underground 2 are Microsoft Windows, Game Boy Advance, GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Playstation Portable, and Nintendo DS. 


Need for speed underground 2 is one of the most downloaded games as well, where Need for speed underground 2 has great demand in the PC world and the PS world as well till date. Play the game and enjoy the race with the best storyline.


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