PUBG Mobile Maps: Great Camping Site With Best Loot Places

Pubg Mobile Maps

PUBG Mobile Maps

PUBG which is abbreviated as PlayerUnknown’s BackGround is the most downloaded and the game in trending that breaches all the youngsters over several countries, where this game is a real engagement for the people to spend more time even in break time, lunchtime and probably the addiction of this game also make them play in their professional times like office, studies and more. Well, let’s separate them and it’s time to discuss the impressive things in the game. The Pubg Mobile maps are well designed through certain inspirations of the real areas for some real fun and battles. Let’s get into it. 

Erangel MapPUBG Mobile

Erangel Map - PUBG Mobile

This is the most used map in the game of PUBG which is the traces of a Russian abandoned area that is used as a military base and conducts various experiments related to chemical and biological. It is a place that is made up of mountains, roads, and green trees with buildings, abandoned buildings, rusted jeeps, and the actual jeeps, bikes, cars, and even more.

This is one of the vast regions in the range of 8×8 km area where you’re supposed to visit many areas to find enemies more available like the areas like Pochiniki, Georgopol, Yasnaya Polyana, Novorepnoye where these are the major cities and find more weapons.

Number of enemies that are high peak areas and the landmarks to get notified is sosnovka military base where you will find high graded military weapons and grenades like AKM, AUG A3, M416, M249, M24, and even more weapons to make the game with more engagement, if you are a beginner, trying then erangel map is the best experience. This is one of The best Pubg Mobile maps where you can find things easily compare to others.

Miramar MapPUBG Mobile

Miramar Map  - PUBG Mobile

Miramar map is an 8×8 km covered crossed area which is full of a desert where you view only sands over the entire region. This place is not like pubg erangel map, wherein erangle you have more options to get hideout and in pubg Miramar map, you didn’t have many options to the hideout as you didn’t find any trees or bushes over there and to succeed in pubg Miramar map.

 It is necessary to create an ambush or to deploy a particular strategy with patience. It is difficult to ride in pubg Miramar map where you need off-road vehicles to travel from one place to another and especially when the blue zone gets depleted, riding in these roads is such a difficult job. In the pubg Miramar map, dieing is quite easy and so it is too easy for the snipers to take charge where it is a clean land with clean views.

Los leones and El Pozo are the biggest towns where you can meet as many enemies and loot to gather to progress the game, and those cities have some quite good roads to drive as well. Power Grid, Minas, and Water Treatment are some of the zones that are good to explore that are added to the list of main locations to cover. This is one of The Desert maps that Pubg Mobile maps have.

Sanhok MapPUBG Mobile

Sanhok Map - PUBG Mobile

Sanhok map is an inspired version of the Southeast Asia map. This place is covered by mountains and greenery where you find some great places to hide like pubg erangel map. But, the size of the Sanhok map is half of the pubg erangle map and pubg Miramar map where it covers only 4×4 km of the map. It has a clear fog and a sunny weather climate that gives a great view to targeting the enemies, and due to greenery, it is difficult for snipers to focus on the target.

Sanhok map is the first map that comes up with a dynamic circle, which means the playing zone in which if the player is out of that particular playing zone for each second they might start getting yurt and lose their life and depending upon the number of players the speed of the blue zone is determined.

The major cities to get noticed on the Sanhok map is Ban Tai, Camp Alpha, Camp Bravo, Tat Mok, and even more cities to visit where these places are important to visit, and it has some landmarks like Boot Camp, Cave, Bhan, Quarry, Docks are a good suggestion of being starting points of the game. You to find out the most needed guns like AWM, Micro UZI, VECTOR, UMP 45, and even more along with vehicles like Tuksha, Buggy, Aquarail, and even more. This is one of The close combat maps that Pubg Mobile maps have.

Vikendi MapPUBG Mobile

Vikendi Map - PUBG Mobile

Vikendi Map is a quite different map, where apart from every palace this place has a different color which is white, and this is because this place is covered by white snow and frozen roads, where riding and even running is more difficult in Vikendi Map. This map is a 6×6 km covered map where you can’t find any trees to hide and to have demolished buildings in major cities, where for riding you must use some specialized vehicles to grab weapons, kill enemies, travel apart from blue zones to rescue our lives.

This place is quite dangerous in which wherever you go, will leave traces of your footprint. This makes the job easy for your enemies to find out the hideout or the places you get to travel. So, you just have to be careful when playing in a place like Vikendi Map. The places that need to be visited are abbey, cantra, cement factory, coalmine and even more. Looking for Snowy weather in Pubg? This is one of The snowy combat maps that Pubg Mobile maps have.

Karakin MapPUBG Mobile

Karakin Map - PUBG Mobile

Karakin map is a quick place to play. This is because the Karakin map is covered with just 2×2 km of covered area, in which it has the place that gets mixed up with the ambiance of pubg erangel map and pubg Miramar map where it comprised with only 64 numbers of people to get game enough packed.

Like other maps, the same vehicles like a buggy, aquarail, bikes, jeeps are available in the karakin map, and the same guns since Karakin is a small covered region, close combats are one of the good options to go for where using sniper is not much suggested. This is one of the Realistic Feel Provider maps that Pubg Mobile maps have.


These maps are the ones that get updated till now, and PUBG is working on the next maps for a better engagement where we hope to have the same kind of engagement, as the previous maps. Enjoy the game to the core and have a quick note about the nature of the maps to play better. 


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