Pubg Tournament 2022

PUBG Tournaments 2022
Upcoming Special PUBG Tournaments you need to know in 2022

PUBG Tournaments 2022

PUBG Tournaments 2022

Playing PUBG is a kind of habit for almost all the youngsters in each part of the world, because of its engagement, design, and the visual graphics we suppose to expose and that makes us spend more time in this game, and for that to get the engagement at the great level. several PUBG tournaments are arranged each and every year, and in this article let us discuss some famous PUBG tournaments that are conducted each year to win more prizes and bag the prize amount at the best level that appreciates the skills and exposure to this game. 


This PGC is one of the biggest PUBG tournaments. We have yet to play here in which almost 24-32 teams are supposed to play at the start of the tournament PGC. Where they have been splitted into groups of 4. Where the PUBG tournament PGC has been started by conducting group stage matches and the top 16 has been determined over there.

After that, they had been prepared for the weekly survival in which 16 chicken dinners are about to get which means till 16 teams bags the chicken dinner. The game will continue, also for the bottom 16 certain matches are conducted to test their skills and for the encouragement over here. After those weekly finals are conducted on a total of 10 matches, where winners of each week advance to the finals and after that Grand Survival, the Grand Finale of PGC is conducted on a total of 15 matches to get the winner through proper standards. 


This GLL is another PUBG tournament conducted in the month of March and it has a total of 16 players to play the game. Among that those 16 are divided into two groups known as A and B where each group has 8 teams in it. The GLL game is so simple that you must be in the top spot of the leaderboard where to attain that you have to follow the round-robin methods, and league stages, and after that, the knockout PUBG tournaments are supposed to be conducted. The team that gets a high kill or finishes is the team that is announced as the winner of Gll and they are worthy of the prize money of $130000. 


This PCL tournament is called as spring PUBG tournament where it is conducted in the month of March. whereas there are up to a total of 16 teams that are supposed to play the matches together, and the team that gets more kills are supposed to be in the top-ranked position. whereas the PCL finale is conducted on a weekly basis where on each week 12 rounds are supposed to get conducted, likewise, for 4 weeks the matches are supposed to get conducted as 12 rounds and the team that tops with high kills are the one that bags the PCL Spring PUBG tournament. 

PSL Spring

This PSL 2022 PUBG tournament is also a campaign that is conducted in the month of march. where the game has been carried over through qualifiers, Let’s see PSL Schedule 2022. In the first qualifiers of Day 1, 16 teams of 16 groups are supposed to play the game where each team will play 4 matches and in that the top 8 are selected.

On Day 2, 8 groups consisting of 16 teams are selected and they have been moved to the next day with the top 8 on the list. On Day 3, 4 groups of 16 teams get to play, and in that the top 12 are selected for the qualifiers. From the close qualifiers, the top 8 have been selected to the finals and in Grand Finale the winner is determined by the highest kills where the map has been followed in the order of Erangel, Erangel, Erangel, Miramar, Miramar, and Miramar. 

ESL Masters

This ESL is the Spanish PUBG tournament that has been conducted every year in the month of February, where regularly 8 teams are been allowed to participate and in that, by following the swiss system format the top 4 teams are been selected for the playoffs, whereas the swiss system format denotes that the 8 teams are supposed to randomly drawn and fights each other.

The winners are formed as a group, and also the losers form the group as well. In round 2 of ESL, each team will play with an opponent that they have not played yet, where the winners of the group advance to the next stage, and the losers will get eliminated. In the third round of ESL, the teams that didn’t get to play each other are supposed to challenge and play together whereas after that the playoffs are a single-elimination bracket that is considered the grand finale. 


pubg tournaments
pubg tournaments

This BSC contest is generally taken care of by the Koreans where the concept of this game is so simple. It is a 16 team PUBG tournament in which the first team who gets the first “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”, or gets 60 points are supposed to be the grand winner in BSC.

where it is not that easy to bag that first WWCD, and that is why this is one of the most famous tournaments in the PUBG tournament league. 


These are the famous PUBG tournaments that are conducted worldwide, where each of the tournaments is special and unique in conducting, maintaining the rules and regulations and even more factors are yet to be considered, these PUBG tournaments are conducted each year and there are more famous among the fans of PUBG. Don’t forget to check PSL Schedule 2022.


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