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Valorant is a game where a set of teams are there who are intended to attack their enemies moreover each character in the team has specific abilities, special characters, and unique features that highlight the game very well. Apart from this highlight, another feature that is specified to highlight in this game is the maps where they too play an important role in the game. Here, in this article let us discuss the different types of valorant maps that are used in the game.

Types of Maps in Valorant

The types of valorant maps that are available:-

  • Bind
  • Haven
  • Split
  • Ascent
  • Icebox
  • Breeze
  • Fracture

Bind map valorant

Bind, Valorant Maps

This bind map valorant has two entries, where one is A and the other one is B. The player can penetrate from A to B easily where both of them have a teleporter, link, exit way, lobby, and much more features as well. Both A and B have the pathway to move towards the Attack side cave and Defender side cave as well, but the thing is you have to move towards the B gate for the entry and you have to get out by using the A gate for the exit, here the teleporters are more noisy and risky as well where you can also throw drones, guns and attacking elements over it and it too has one ultimate orb that is found inside the showers whereas, in B, it is in front of the teleporter. This is a special valorant map known for its availability of teleporters.

Haven map valorant

Haven, Valorant Maps

valorant haven has three numbers of phases such as A, B, and C where each of them has a unique pathway to go to the Defender Side Spawn and Attacker Side Spawn as well. Site A is an L-shaped alleyway called “long A”, or through sewers. Site B has windows and also has some set of doors called a garage, and it has a passage that connects to Phase “C”. There are two ultimate orbs that can be found in Site A and Site C in the haven map valorant.

Ascent map valorant

Ascent, Valorant Maps

Well, this is the first valorant new map to be added since Valora’s official release. ascent map valorant is a two-site map where it is named A and B. The courtyard offers a quick shortcut to the sides of the map but it is too risky to cross. Here in valorant ascent, the doors are closeable and on the defensive side, there is a door that is possible to open or close using a switch. The doors are armored but it is easy to get broken here. This valorant map is entirely different from others where this has a wide-open variety of space, and different implements like a well, balcony, tree, boiler, catwalk, gelato, garden, lion, bell tower, shop, books, fountain, and even more.

Split map valorant


split map valorant is a quite large map, where it has two sites named A and B. In this map site, A and site B are in the exact opposite direction, where both of them have rafters, alley, back, tower, ramps, swer, lobby, link, and site, and both have their passage to move towards the defender side spawn and the attacker side spawn as well, and this map gives equal space for both attackers and defenders.

Icebox map valorant

Icebox, Valorant Maps

Icebox valorant is a quite different map, where when you look at the blueprint of the map you will notice for sure that the main area of phases A and B is diagonally connected. where the defense side spawn is in the north direction which means in the top of the tower and the attacker side spawn is at the south direction of the spawn. where it is a good map for the attackers like Jett, raze, and controllers like an omen. where they can save the defenders like cypher easily when they met with struggle, and this map has specific places like the kitchen, screen, rafters, green, yellow, snowman, nest, pipes, belt, and so on.

Breeze map valorant

Breeze, Valorant Maps

When it comes to the breeze map valorant, it too has two sites A and B. But the main difference is, that the main phase of A is designed as a Pyramid. which is known as the A pyramid and the main phase of B is designed as a site model known as the B site. The valorant map is designed to fit enough for a war, where then it is good enough for the initiators, and controllers to deploy a plan and to find out the enemy and their hideout soon in this open vast free area.

Fracture map valorant


Fracture map valorant is one of the unique maps where the center portion of the map resembles the alphabet “H”. The main site of both A and B are present in the exact opposite area, and it possesses some wide space and that space helps to get done with more attacks. That is because it has two attack sides, and the center space of A and B resembles the defense side spawn. where it has some unique features like a tunnel, rope, door, hall, tree, generator, canteen, arcade, bench, tower, and links as well. here agents like Jett, kill-joy, viper, and chamber give their best rate of performance to get done.


These are the valorant maps of the game where each of them possesses a different design, game, region, and specific features. That makes the players who choose the maps not to get bored such easily and may play the game efficiently. Enjoy the game along with different maps for the best rate of fun.


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