5 War Thunder German Planes

Do 17 Z-7

Do 17 Z-7 is one of the best War thunder German planes Fighter engines and it is a rank 1 engine with a maximum speed of 448 km/hr, and a turn time is up to 34 seconds. The engine is 2X BMW Bramo 323 P

He 100 D-1

War thunder German planes that has been designed to gain the best blistering speed, where the main problem is its cooling systems it can’t get dispersed equally here as it holds the best speed of 670 km/hr.

Flegel’s Bf 109 A

Flegel’s Bf 109 A has a maximum speed up to 444 km/hr, and the turn time is just 20 seconds. The maximum altitude of the warplane is 9000 meters, as Flegel’s Bf 109 A has a water cooling system.

Fw 190 A-4

the maximum speed of the warcraft is up to 648 km/hr, and the engine is designed with BMW 801 D2, where it has the turn time of 22 seconds, and the cooling system is air, as it can reach the maximum altitude of 12,000 meters and only one person can able to travel in this plane.

S.M.79 Sparveiro serie 1

best War thunder German planes. S.M.79 Sparveiro serie 1is the rank 2 German-made one where it has the engine named 3 x Alfa Romeo 126 RC 34, with an air cooling system, and the maximum speed of this aircraft is up to 430 km/hr.

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