8 Thrilling Most Popular And Best Mobile Games

Pubg game has been launched 2 to 3 years back, though this is one of the best mobile games on the list even in 2022, where it is an online shooting game and you have to play the role of a soldier who can work as either single or as a team with other friends and players


You have to survive in the free fire game where only 50 men will be available here and not 100. You will be a single or a multiplayer as well accompanied with your friends as well. PUBG and Free Fire both are almost similar,

Free Fire

It is also a role playing game, launched in the end of 2021 where it is a story mode game in which the story has been started with a traveller, who has travelled all along the world with his twin brother, and the game starts on searching for his twin brother accompanying an ally.

Genshin Impact

This game was launched 2-3 years back where it is a 2 minute game and the concept is simply to win the face by hitting 2 goals, where you will be playing the game online, and managing the team by coordinating the movements and even you to be a player in that game as well holding special abilities.

Score Match

it is a game that resemble the police and robin, as the game is being done in a spaceship where it is group comprised of 8-10 members. In that certain imposters  are also allocated where the game is so simple, the imposter has to kill the other members before they could find them or else the common players

Among US

This is game launched by the nautilus mobile, where they are mean to launched various games that are related to sports and especially cricket, and likewise they too launch the game real cricket in the year of 2022, and the graphics is too awesome and you may visualise some players real body language

Real Cricket 22

NBA is a series of basketball where it has been launched from several years back, where this has been launched in the end of 2021 as well, where this has been reached well verse in the year of 2022, This is a role playing game where you have to select a team and that will be the one that you choose to play that game


This is the game where you have to manage a football team, and you will be the manager for that team, and it is a role playing game where you have to hire the best players who can boost up your teams performance, to attend the press cond=ference and to face the press, build  a good relationship with other managers and players as well for future help.

Football Manager

More games that must be played