8 War Thunder Best Planes For Ultimate Victory


F-86F-2 is one of the war thunder best planes that has a 20mm cannon. This is the best rate of aircraft that has the best weapons in it so that the target has been melted instantly where it decreases the enemy rate soon with a great speed of travel.

Bf 109 G-2

Bf 109 G-2 is one of the war thunder best planes or fighter planes that can play many roles in this game. This can act as a bomber interception and also the bomber itself and alongside with that the plane with carried with harmful vehicles and the second best to canary

Spitfire F MK 24

This is one of the stylish fighter planes or war thunder best planes that has been used at the time of world war II, where the MK 24 engine is the upgrade of the MK 22 engine and that has been done to increase the horde power of the fighter plane.

F-4C Phantom II

This F-4C Phantom II plane is one of the latest designs of the fighter plane with one of the war thunder best planes designed by the US. While looking up the fighter plane you will feel impressed of that because of its design and the specifications as wel


If you are tired of driving the US planes, then it is time to get the Italian type of fighter plane that frequently strikes fear in the airspace itself. That makes it war thunder best plane. With the powerful engine and the giant design, this will be the best demon for the enemies when you hold it to ride it

Sea Hawk FGA.6

This fighter plane is the British-designed one where it is the best British design at the time of World War II, that plays a crucial role at that time, where it has a maximum speed of 933 km/hr, and a maximum altitude of 13,500 m.

F8F-1B Bearcat

It is another US-designed war thunder best plane that is fighter plane that was designed at the period of World War II, it is one of the best stylish fighter jet planes where it has a single-engine and it has more thrust power as well as the best experience of riding.

Sea Meteor F MK 3

This is one of the oldest war thunder best planes in this game where it is one of the favorite planes for many pilots with a maximum speed of 927 km/hr, an altitude of 12,500 m and the main weapon to get used is 20 mm Hispano Mk, V cannon (x4)

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