Best Gun in Valorant

Valorant classic is the general pistol that has been used in the game by every agent. where it has very less damage, and the Valorant classic is operated as semi-automatic where it takes 6.75 rounds per second to shoot it down and per second the pistol is capable enough to take on 2 bullets at a time.

Well to be frank the total magnum capacity of the shorty is just 2. which means you are able to do just 2 shots but the cost to buy the shorty valorant is very low as it costs just 150. And this gun is a semi-automatic one where it launch speed is 3.3 rounds per second.

Frenzy valorant gun is a fully automatic one. where the initial rate of launch value is 10 rounds per second and the total magnum capacity is 13, and the wall penetration is low here as well. The cost of the frenzy is just 450, and it is best against low-level weapons

The cost of this ghost valorant gun is 500. where it is semi-automatic handling one, with 6.75 rounds per second, with a medium wall penetration and the magnum capacity is 15. Ghost valorant gives a good range of accuracy and moreover, the accuracy is good with it’s specification itself.

Sheriff valorant is a semi-automatic gun that has a maximum capacity of just 6 and a launch speed is 4 rounds per second. Since it is a semi-automatic gun the magnum capacity is very less in numbers but the penetration of the wall is high.

The nature of the stinger valorant is fully automatic. It is designed as a rate of stinger valorant is 18 rounds per second. For alternate fire, it has the zoom mode with the scope of 1.15X with 4 rounds burst, with a good magnum capacity of 20 with very low wall penetration.

This spectre valorant gun is a fully automatic gun with a high cost of 1600. The primary fire of this gun is fully automatic, with a 13.33 rounds per second. The alternate fire rate is zoom mode of 1.15X with less spread reduction, and that rate is 12 rounds per second.

The price of bucky valorant is too low. As it costs upto 850 and the primary firing of the gun is semi-automatic. where the total magnum capacity is just 5 along with the rate speed is 1.1 rounds per second.

The cost of the judge valorant is just 1650, where the primary fire of this gun is fully automatic with an initial velocity of 3.5 rounds per second. It doesn’t have any alternate fire as well.

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