The sovereign sword is one of the best swords ever to equip in this game among all the best valorant knife. Where this sovereign sword is made up of the hard steel that is coated with chromium for better shining and ductility.

Sovereign sword


This Catrina Knife is Best Knife in valorant and it is generally loved by the female players. whereas with this Catrina Knife, most of the people love to start their game, in which the Catrina Knife has its own flower design.

Catrina Knife


This celestial Fan is one of the Chinese-designed blades and is also known as Best Knife in Valorant. Where the main specialty of this blade is, that it is more unique when compared to the other blades.

Celestial Fan


As the name suggests Butterfly Knife. This is a kind of butterfly valorant knife that floats more in the air and the projectile takes more time to be in the air is the best knife in valorant.

Butterfly Knife


This prime 2.0 valorant knife is made up of multiple elements like gold, and stainless steel. where this prime 2.0 valorant knife can be held with just one finger, and this is not having any holder along with it.

Prime 2.0 – Karambit


This Radiant Crisis 001 Baseball Bat design is a too unique design that was created out of the boxes that make it one of the best valorant knife. where, this Radiant Crisis 001 Baseball Bat is too metal-based one

Radiant Crisis 001 Baseball Bat


The Ruination broke blade of the Ruined King is the best sword that costs around 4350 VP. Where this Ruination broke the blade of the Ruined Kings sword has its design.

Ruination broke blade of the Ruined King



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