The valorant classic is the first and foremost weapon you used to equip along with the knife. Where both the classic pistol and the knife are available for free and it is used to do basic firing in the game. The reload time of this valorant classic one is 1.75 seconds.


it is one of the best valorant weapons. where the price of the weapon is up to 150 with a very poor low penetration capacity and the maximum capacity of this valorant shorty gun is 10 bullets.


Valorant frenzy is one of the small machine gun types that costs almost 450 coins. Where frenzy has a very poor wall penetration. With A total capacity of 39 bullets, with a reload time of 1.5 seconds.


it is the real ghost where it costs around 500 coins and it is worth the price. where it has adolescent wall penetration, and along with it it has a total capacity of 45 bullets, and the reload time is very less up to 1.5 seconds


valorant sheriff is too small-sized pistol where this costs about 800 creds. where the wall penetration of valorant sheriff is higher, and the firing mode is semi-automatic with a fire rate of 4 rounds/sec, and a reloading speed of 2.25 seconds.


The stinger valorant gun is the SMG type gun in valorant weapons. where it values around 950 creds with a very low wall penetration. where the firing mode of stinger valorant is totally automatic with almost 16 rounds/sec, a run speed of 5.73 m/sec


The bucky valorant is one of the few shotguns that are available in the valorant weapons. where the cost of a bucky valorant gun is 850 creds with a very poor wall penetration but it clears out the heavy armor easily with semi-automatic firing mode.


The judge valorant is a top-class shotgun, where the cost is a bit high of 1850 creds with a decent wall penetration with an ammo capacity of 21 bullets and the reload time is up to 2.2 seconds. where the firing mode of judge valorant is entirely automatic


The valorant phantom gun costs around 2900 creds in valorant weapons. which is one of the best options to choose for with the head damage of 156 in no armor condition, 140 in head damage condition


The valorant vandal is one of the best rifles to get noted on valorant weapons. Where the price of this gun is 2900 creds. The valorant vandal has wall penetration is so medium and the total capacity of the gun is 75

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