What Does Thorns Do In Minecraft?

What Thorns do?

Minecraft enchantment Thorns are an enhancement that has been used to develop with the armory suits, where it is used to counter-attack the enemies by inflicting damage

Items to enchant with the Thorns

The items that are required to enchant with the thorns are the armory items like Helmets, Chest Plates, Leggings, and Boots where they are the armory suits

What is all the equipment that supports the Thorn enhancement?

The materials that support the thorn enhancement are the helmets, leggings, boots, and chest plates where these are the armory suits that support the survivor mode.

minimum level of the Minecraft enchantments thorns

The minimum level of the Minecraft enchantments thorns is level 1, where you get this level up basically by default at the start of the game itself.

maximum level of the Minecraft enchantments thorns?

The maximum level of the Minecraft enchantments thorns is 3, as it provides maximum damage to the enemies who intend to attack the wearer even with targeted projectiles.

How has the enhancement been done in the thorns?

The enhancement has been done with the help of the anvil and the enchanted table where it helps to be done with the enhancement

What is the enhancement weight for the Thorns?

The enhancement weight of the thorn is 1, where for each level up 1 amount of the upgrade has been done to reach the level marks easily.

Supported Platforms

The platforms that support Minecraft enchantments Thorns in PC/Mac with Java Edition, Pocket Edition, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Nintendo Switch, and Windows edition.

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