Mafia 3 Cars Best Sports Car

Griffin Marauder

In the mafia 3 game, Griffin Marauder car is the best one. where it is also a beast that needs to get considered in the game. In this car, it has a top speed of 127 mph, whereas it is a 2-door roadster and it has a top acceleration of 81.

De’ Leo Stiletto

The De’ Leo Stiletto is a stylish yellow car that you will fall in love with this design as it has a maximum speed of 127 mph. It is a 2-door coupe type car. This car is found in the wealthier districts like Frisco Fields and Southdowns. 

Samson Harrier

Samson Harrier is a roadster-type mafia 3 car. It is an exotic class with a top speed of 126 mph. It is added in the sign of the times DLC, and after completing the mission of “Our New Bartender”. a Samson Harrier has an acceleration rate of 73 with the rate of 55

Samson Duke

This Samson Duke is Samson brand’s another masterpiece work. where it is too a good top-speed car in the Mafia 3 cars. This is a 2 Door coupe type car where it is an exotic class along with a top speed of 117 mph, and the stylish yellow design has the availability.

Smith Moray MX 100

Smith Moray MX 100 is the exotic type mafia 3 car. the manufacturer is Smith which designed the car the way that its top speed is 116 mph. It has decent handling performance with a bit of decent durability and it is available as a part of the Family Kick-Back Pack DLC.

Lassiter Nightcrawler

The Lassiter Nightcrawler is the pickup truck where Lassiter is the manufacturer with a top speed of 118 mph, where it is a two-door utility, with the best durability of 70 out of 100, and the vehicle is available after completing the Ain’t Nowhere Safer.

Potomac Independent

The Potomac Independent is the 2-door sedan type mafia 3 car. where it is a sports class car with a top-class speed of 109 mph. Potomac Independent has good durability and descent handling with a good level of acceleration.

Shubert Frigate

Shubert Frigate is manufactured by the Shubert. The top speed of the car is 114 mph and it is a 2-door convertible mafia 3 car. It has some decent speed along with decent durability. The handling of the Shubert Frigate is easy. where it is available in the garages of Mafia 3 game.

Bulworth Harrow

The Bulworth manufactured black-colored Bulworth Harrow with a high speed of 117 mph. It is the Hearse type and the sport class mafia 3 car. It has some decent acceleration rate and a good rate of durability.