Losing Cops

This Need for Speed Heat Cheats “losing cops” is used to reduce the heat level. The need for speed heat game is dealt with multiple amounts of races, rash driving, and even more.

Change the text on your Licence Plate

Well, this part is not an NFS Heat Cheats but just information to add upon, where for our favorite cars we would love to show our favorite numbers on the screen, and to do.

Unlock fast travel points

To do this Need for Speed Heat Cheats, it is a very easy one to do where it helps to get the fast travel points and so for that, the fast travel points are been done in the palm city by saving more time.


This is one of the risky NFS Heat Cheats and also the smartest one to get done with the winning of races as easily. This cheat code prepares to resemble that the opponent’s gear will be at maximum by 4 only

Infinite Nitro

This Need for Speed Heat CheatsInfinite Nitro” is good enough to describe as the updated version of the Refill nitro. Where here it has some good advantages, the first thing is your opponent’s maximum speed

Refill Nitro

This Need for Speed Heat Cheats “Refill Nitro” resembles that it takes some little time for boosting the nitrous into it. So, this cheat resembles that this game cheat is designed with some time limits

Car god mode

This is another best NFS Heat Cheats “Car god mode” where everyone likes to try this out, where here the maximum gear of the car is, the maximum gear of the opponent will be just 1