Nissan 350z NFS Underground 2

This car was designed in the year 2003, where it is a Japan-made engine and the engine is a 3.5 L V6 engine having the model name number VQ35DE. It has a maximum speed of 287 bhp, which means 214 KW and it is at a maximum rpm of 6200.


This car is available in green color where the best benefits of this Nissan 350Z car is, to get started with the great speed of action where it is used for blistering speed and it helps to get done with the pick up as it takes 6.2 seconds that will be a good car to get escaped from the crisis and it would play an important role


This car can also be used to go for the racing events as well, where it is the racing championship that has the best racers to get compete for each either, and this Nissan 350Z car will be used to complete the laps easily

Nissan 350z Fastest Car

When it is fully upgraded, the distance that covers from 0 to 60 mph in 3.76 seconds, and the time that needs to get covered from 0 to 100 mph in 7.96 seconds, where the top speed after the upgrade is 357 km/hr.

Top Speed of Nissan 350z

where the car is pretty weightless having just 1525 kg, and that gives additional speed in the on-track where for races, the airdrop and the velocity push the Nissan 350Z and bit more towards the action for the best sort of action.

Pretty weightless Nissan 350z

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