Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds


The concept of the game is so simple “ Survival Of The Fittest”.

online  role-playing game

A well-known game by the entire world which is the most downloaded game in recent years.

Details of Surviving

blue zone is created which is considered to be the safe zone and the duration of the game is 30 minutes

Multi-player Game 

almost 100 players will be playing and it should be either single-player or multiplayer.

How to Install

“Player Unknown’s Battle Ground”

free downloaded game as it contains easy installations in which for both android and ios applications.


on March 19, 2018, developed by Lightspeed and quantum studio and it is Published by Tencent Games a Chinese game publishing company.

Pubg & Tencent studio

The second phase game is named PUBG: Army Attack which is designed by Tencent’s timin studio.

Buying Options





This game has lots of online buys that Also has some special editions

Supported Platforms

PUBG game suits both the android and ios applications. where the android software like Kitkat, Lollipop, MarshMallows, Nutella, Oreo and even more applications accepts the game to run