What can you do in Boss Factory?

Make the basis of your Boss – make your body, face and hair plus here is a percentage of the clothing, shoes, socks and accessories available.

What you can customize with?

Eight base bosses are waiting for you to start morphing their looks, and you can change every aspect from head-to-toe, including their socks.

you’ll find in the Boss Factory’s wardrobe?

Almost all the clothing options will let you select the style, material, and color. Materials are unlocked in the full game, so the demo currently doesn’t let you change any, but the style and colors are up for grabs.

The Incredible Blulk

We did change a few things: The Blulk here also a Shark Brow, Chiseled Eyes, and Zane Chin from the Head Menu, and Bed Head from the Hair Menu. The Build Slider is set to maximum, and the Figure Slider is set to 0 (surprisingly, the most swole number on the slider).

The hidden secrets

The Body Menu lets you define your overall shape, from hunk to lunk, and it’s where the previously mentioned Groin Slider lives. Below that is the Modesty Menu with a plethora of entertaining options.

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