The Greatest History of GTA Games

On 28th November 1997, the GTA launched its first game officially which is a 2D designed game, released in MS office and DOS, along with its PS1 game. After that in the year, 1999 Grand Theft Auto 2 probably called GTA 2 and was launched with the third eye vision of the bird

After these two games, on October 22, 2001 the another version of GTA was launched and it is named as Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories where this id the first game that has been designed with a camera. This plays a major role in gamers life where they got it in Microsoft, Xbox, Mac OS, Android, and Playstation Consoles as well.

After that Rockstar North understand the need of their target audience and they came up with their best version called Grand Theft Auto Vice City in the Year of 2002. almost 100 numbers of missions were been designed in this game which makes the game more interesting and more engaging.

After the hit of the vice city, the game had come up with another version in the year of 2004 known as Grand Theft Auto San Andreas in the year of 2004, where the game is designed in areas like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas respectively, where this is too a role-playing game

Since the launch of GTA V, most of people tend to play this game, by mesmerising from the graphics and the different story modes, the characters involved, and the engagement as well. After many years the GTA had been the most favourite game among all of us