Top 10 GTA 5 cheat code


This is one of the most important cheat codes that need to be used in the game, where this code has been used to make the player invisible for 5 more minutes. 


This GTA v cheats pc is more important in every GTA game, where after entering the GTA 5 Cheat Tool up, you will be gaining many weapons in your armed bag as it contains guns, grenades, and knives, assault guns.


This GTA 5 cheat code is the next version of the cheat code Tool Up, where after typing the code TURTLE you will get both the health and weapons, whereas when you get affected Worsley turtle.


This GTA 5 cheat code is used to get done with the best athletics, where the player leads to move faster than expected and that sprinting is more important in some important missions.


When catchme is used on the street roads, GOT GILLS is used in water. Yes, this one is used to swim faster and when you are in a mode of chasing down the ships or escaping from any villains or rogues swimming in water


If you need to have more fun and you are planning for that, trust me trying out Fugitive is a more utilized one for that where that helps to raise the crime wanted level of the player, and you will be chased down by the police


If you feel that the fun is enough, and you need to take some rest to continue, the mission using LAWYER UP is important, where the purpose of this cheat is to reduce the crime level of the player.


Instead of the name DeadEye, I guess the name Hawkeye will suit more perfectly. This is because this GTA 5 cheat helps you to aim even sharper, which is four times sharper than the normal aim.


Using this GTA 5 cheat code, the player will get a motorcycle on his own which helps him to move fast from one place to another.


GTA 5 cheat code attains the car and more beneficiaries when compared to the code ROCKEt where it makes you safer from the gun points and prevents accidents as well.


This GTA 5 cheat code is used to introduce the garbage truck, where this one is used to ride the roads at a faster rate, used to travel off roads where it is too an off-road vehicle