This GTA vice city weapon cheat is one of the most trended ones at the time of Grand Theft Auto Vice City. whereafter applying this code Nuttertools the player will get armed with many weapons. This GTA vice city cheats is used to get armed with many weapons like Shotgun, Assault Gun, Knives, Grenades, Pistol, and even more.

This GTA vice city cheats is another important one, where that code is used to get rid of the police who had been chasing the player. If you feel that you will get busted by the police and if you feel that the situation is out of control, this cheat code “Leave me alone” is used to lower the crime rate and get escaped easily.

These GTA vice city cheats are the most needed cheat code. where it is used damn sure after every mission and you may have guessed it up this vice city cheat codes are used to improve the health of the player. If you are feeling that the player needs more health then using aspirant GTA vice city health cheat through PC

In every game, a cheat will be an ace for the player. Here the cheat code-named “Precious Protection” is the best cheat among GTA vice city cheats. where it boosts up the life to a higher level and it too helps to keep the player armed with the best range of weapons starting from the pistol for close-range attacks, to machine guns, assault guns

This GTA vice city cheats for tank is the favorite cheat code for most of the players. who love to play the game GTA vice city. where it helps to drop the tanker that is armed and this is used as a vulnerable one, and more importantly that leads to raising the wanted rate of the player.

This GTA vice city helicopter cheat is used to spawn a helicopter. where it helps you to get escaped from the cop who is chasing you down the road and the helicopter makes you ride fast enough to move from one place to another place. This GTA vice city helicopter cheat is a fancy one

This GTA vice city flying car cheat code is the most interesting one, where it helps to make the cars get done with flying. This GTA vice city car cheat helps to fly it after entering the cheat code and once you get used to it, the flying car makes you feel free to move towards the targeted place to go through

Do you like to ride your car over the water? Then it is time to use the cheat code Seaways, which helps to make your tire vertical which helps to ride the car over the water and that leads you to move from one place to another through the water itself. This is another important GTA vice city cheat used in the game.

This is another GTA vice city car cheat that needs to be used only for fun, or for any destruction as well. This vice city cheat is used to bang all the cars near you. which gives massive destruction to the game and that creates a great diversion.

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