Top Free Fire vehicles

This is the easily available free fire car in the free fire game, where it is the versatile one. This truck is used to ride on both on-road and off-road free fire vehicles where it has a maximum capacity of 156 km/hr. It could carry 2 people at a time, where even if you or your friend get attacked, one can back up and play the game.

This truck is the dream of every free fire player to ride on, where it is the safest one and the deadliest one to ride on. The monster truck is also a defensive one where the other opponents will not be able to shoot that easily. where it is easy to ride on both on-road and off-road, with a top speed of 112 km/hr.

The role of amphibious vehicle is they can walk on both land and water. where the free fire car that belongs to the amphibious group will ride on both water and land. where on land it will ride on the road, and on the water the tire will become horizontal in the layer of the river, to have a smooth journey.

Apart from other free fire cars. The sports car is one of the most unique ones where it is known for its speed, with a maximum one of 136 km/hr. It can hold two people and the vehicle is more durable during the time of danger zone and during the time of crises.

This is the best free fire car to get used during the important fights, where it can withstand severe damage and acts as the best coverage during the important fights, and it is the best off-road vehicle that can be used to look over the map and at the same time for faster travel.

The stylish motorbike is used to reach out the circle very quickly where you can reach the required place very quickly. The vehicle is used for faster travel and makes you travel from different places and makes you escape from the danger zone. The Horsepower is 300, the acceleration rate is 1500.

This is one of my favorite free fire cars and it is the Lamborghini black. where the black one is the best choice to get utilized during the important zones. where it is the newest inclusion in the game free fire, where the main disadvantage of the free fire sports car is it produces a loud sound

This is an auto where the three tired free fire vehicles belong to the tuk-tuk and it can accommodate a maximum of three players. This is needed to get escaped from the danger zone, and the vehicle is easy to operate where it is easy to take on your friends as well.

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