Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The “Zelda breath of the wild” game is published and developed by Nintendo and it is one of the best switch games developed till now. When it was released in the year of 2017, with the genre of action-adventure.

Pokemon Legends Arceus

This Pokemon Legends Arceus game is one of the best switch games 2022 ones done by Nintendo. Where you somewhat experience the real pokemon gaming experience. In this best Nintendo switch game 2022


The Hades Nintendo switch is one of the best Nintendo Switch games and a unique game is done by Nintendo. Where which is published and developed by Supergiant games and in this game.


Wherever I go, I see his face saying spiderman on ironman and for gamers. Wherever we go, will face this game called Minecraft. Minecraft is the best Nintendo Switch game available in games.

Tetris 99

This Tetris 99 game was developed by Arika and published by Nintendo. Where this Tetris 99 game is single-player or multiplayer and the genre is based upon two types and it is one of the best Nintendo Switch games in 2022.

Super Mario Odyssey

This Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo switch game is the 2017 action-adventure game where we have all loved Mario since the time of early 90s, Mario had done many designs and concepts.

Fire emblem three houses

The Fire emblem three houses are one of the large game where this game has several role-plays to get done, and moreover, this game is published by Nintendo, and also in the Fire emblem three houses game