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Upcoming Special PUBG Tournaments

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Playing PUBG is a kind of habit for almost all the youngsters in each part of the world, because of its engagements, design and the visual graphics we suppose to expose

PUBG Tournaments 2022

Hot online Gaming


This PGC is one of the biggest PUBG tournaments we have yet to play here in which almost 24-32 teams are supposed to play


This GLL is another PUBG tournament conducted in the month of March and it has a total of 16 players to play the game, among that those 16 are divided into two groups known as A and B


This PCL tournament is called as spring PUBG tournament where it is conducted in the month of March, whereas there are up to a total of 16 teams

PSL Spring

This PSL 2022 PUBG tournament is also a campaign that is conducted in the month of march where the game has been carried over through qualifiers, Lets see PSL Schedule 2022.

ESL Masters

This ESL is the Spanish PUBG tournament that has been conducted every year in the month of February, where regularly 8 teams are been allowed to participate and in that, by following swiss system format


This contest is generally taken care of by the Koreans where the concept of this game is so simple. It is a 16 team PUBG tournament in which the first team who gets the first “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”

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