Minecraft Loyalty Enchantments

how to do it?

Minecraft Loyalty Enchantments

Minecraft is a game that is known well for creativity, where people who play this game tend to create their world. This world has possibilities that include buildings, monuments, lakes, fountains, rivers, and even more

What does Loyalty enchantment do?

Loyalty enchantment is an enchantment process that has been used to improve the loyalty enchantment for the weapons, on the other hand, to be precise to say it supports getting back the weapon

Items to enchant with Loyalty

The only item that is being able to equip with loyalty enchantment is the trident. As said before the minimum level of the process is 1, and the maximum level of loyalty enchantment is 3

Supported Platforms

The platforms that support Sharpness in Minecraft are PC/Mac with Java Edition, Pocket Edition, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Nintendo Switch, and Windows edition.

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